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Spirit Food – Maca Root



Maca originates from South America. It has been used by the Ancient Indians in Peru. It is dated back to over 3,800 years ago where it was used as a plant medicine. There is evidence of the Incan soldiers carrying maca into war to power them with energy, endurance and power. It is long known for its healing properties and wonderful benefits on the body. It grows high up in the mountains at 8,000 to 14,000 feet. It grows to the size of a golf or tennis ball and its ability to survive the extreme growing conditions shows how durable and strong it is.



Maca is an adaptogenic, it helps our bodies to adapt to stress and other circumstances in life. It is a wonderful addition to balance the hormones in the body. Its effect on the pituitary gland and the endocrine system helps with all hormones including sexual dysfunction lost by stress.

Maca has been known to increase fertility in men and women as well as increasing libido.

It improves the symptoms of menopause by balancing hormones that effect hot flushes, weight gain, depression, anxiety and other symptoms. It is wonderful for those affected by issues with their thyroid and any issues in the metabolism of fat.


Maca comes to aid us in times of change. It assists our being in times when we need to adapt in situations. It helps us grow even in the most difficult circumstances and environments. Maca teaches us that although we may not be where we want to be we can still continue our spiritual path and have faith that we are not confined by our circumstances.

Imagine, a tiny tennis ball-shaped root 10,000 feet in the Andes growing in extreme weather conditions and in poor soil can get to our kitchen presses and into our bodies to aid us in our journey. That in itself is a miracle. Do you think the spirit of the root ever questions how or when its circumstances will change? It just keeps growing and waits for nature to take care of the rest. As it grows somehow the essence and properties of this root are collected and carried through our beings after consumption to spread its energy throughout the world. This root is very special and is on this earth for a specific reason just like you.

The maca thrives in poor soil which reminds us that even without the right tools and perfect conditions we can not only grow but thrive! Use what we can, where we can with who we can and wait for the miracles to prosper.


Connect with raw organic maca. Maca root comes in a variety of colours ranging from cream to red, to black and brown. Decide which colour maca you wish to work by corresponding the colour to the chakra system that requires the most balancing. All benefits will still be absorbed regardless of colour but some chakras may need more adjustments than others.


Maca was traditionally boiled and cooked and eaten in a similar way to the parsnip. Maca can be easily added to smoothies and mixed with salad dressings to increase the absorption.

Maca is best used daily over an 8 week period to see the full benefit.

By Claire Tracey




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