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Spirit Food – Papaya

Spirit Food PapayaPAPAYA


The exact origin of the papaya is unknown. It is believed to be native to Central America.

When Christopher Columbus first discovered America he called the papaya “the fruit of the angels.”

Almost 150 years ago, scientists found the white milk produced by scratching the skin of the semi-green fruit contains a strong enzyme that can dissolve food, better than saliva and digestion juices found in the human body.
This milk product has been shown to tenderise and disintegrate meat or any other tissue, and even corrodes metal.



The papaya has more vitamin C than an orange and a large amount of vitamin E and A.

The digestive enzymes in papaya called papain and chymopapain helps lower inflammation and improve the healing of burns. The papain has miraculous healing properties. The papain aids with any digestion issues or skin issues by cleansing the system and restoring it back to health.

The digestive enzyme papain relieves morning sickness and nausea. The fibre in papaya is great for treating constipation. It binds to cancer-related toxins in the colon, pushing them out before they reach healthy cells.

The skin of papaya is useful in the treatment of wounds, mainly because this is where the highest concentration of the enzymes exist. It has been used to heal wounds, burns, rashes and bug stings.

Papaya is quick digesting, so you won’t feel sluggish after eating it.

The papain helps digest proteins and helps break down other foods that are high in protein and difficult to digest.

The anti-inflammatory properties help speed up post-workout recovery and boost muscle repair and growth.

Papaya has high levels of lutein and beta carotene. These are beneficial for eye health and work well in the reduction of age-related eye problems and night blindness.


Papaya is a natural detoxifier. Work with papaya to help you detox from negative relationships or people in your life.

Papaya assists in connecting you to the angelic realm. It digests quickly resulting in faster absorption of nutrients. You will have more energy to reach higher areas of consciousness when your energy is less focused on breaking down food thus elevating you to these higher realms.

The vitality and colour of the papaya are known as God’s fruit. It captures the colour of the sun. Ask papaya to help you shift out of any darkness into light. It is wonderful to boost your emotions and mood.

Allow papaya’s heavenly essence to balance your sacral chakra and help you form positive, energising relationships.

The papaya’s twigs are toxic until the fruit is ripe, preventing humans and animals eating it before it is ripe. Make sure you are ready to change patterns in your life. Consume papaya to help you know when the time is ripe to transition in life.


Consume papaya daily over a period of six weeks to assist you in disconnecting from toxic environments and relationships.

Papaya can be prepared as fresh fruit or in juices and smoothies. Slice papaya into salads or blend papaya with some lime juice for a zingy salad dressing. Chop up papaya, freeze it and blend it in a blender with a little nut milk to create delicious ice cream.