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Spiritual Activation: Activate Your Dormant DNA Codes with Light Frequencies

Spiritual activation is when one begins the process of expanding Light within the higher spiritual body; which makes up part of the auric field. Light is information. Not the kind of information most of here on planet Earth can interpret right now, but on a spiritual, intuitive level we know it.

As the higher frequencies of Light begin to integrate and merge with this particular field of energy;  dormant codes of stored energy/Light/intelligence/knowledge begin to activate. This stored knowledge releases more Light and causes the spiritual body to expand . Once this process begins, our gifts of the spirit become more apparent in our lives and we begin to operate from a much higher vibration or frequency.

Spiritual activation is the discovery and development of spiritual growth, heightened awareness, enlightenment and inner peace. By detaching ones’ self from his or her ego, personal needs and desires,  one is ready for spiritual activation.  When an individual arrives at a point on their evolutionary journey where they now are ready to surrender their life to the Divine and the higher powers that be, the process can begin.

Spiritual activation can be achieved through diverse techniques that have been utilized through the years; such as meditation or direct transmissions of the higher frequencies of Light induced through Star Magic.

 With the process of spiritual activation, an absolute transformation of body, mind and spirit occurs.

Spiritual activation enhances our lives by allowing individuals to see the world around them in different and enlightening ways. Spiritual activation is the pathway to attaining total wholeness and spiritual awakening in its purest form.
You deserve to unlock your full human potential – Star Magic is the key
With Loving Energy,
activate your dna codes through light