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Spiritual Gangsta: YOUNG BRAVE STAR SEED. Spiritual Rap Music by Jerry Sargeant

2016 – © Jerry Sargeant – All Rights Reserved

Jerry Sargeant is a powerful healer. He heals using an Extra-Terrestrial light frequency known as Star Magic. Jerry heals people privately, trains others to use Star Magic and runs a number of workshops globally.

Recently, Jerry has been inspired to write lyrics about a number of life topics and has decided to record and produce them. The Star Magic Frequency has been woven through Jerry’s voice and into the music to produce another powerful healing tool as well as a library of songs that are informative, enlightening, motivational, inspiring and revealing.

Through his healing and healing tools, including music Jerry’s aim is elevate the vibration on this planet, expand consciousness and ignite the lights of 1 billion human beings.

This is the first (YOUNG BRAVE STAR SEED) of a number of raps that Jerry has written and produced rapping about his favourite topics including spirituality, love, the universe, freedom, energy healing, the stars, government, extra-terrestrial life, geometry, success, happiness, conspiracy stories and a number of other subject matters that tell the truth about life, the world, the universe we live in and how we can bring about a peaceful, free and loving environment where every human being can flourish, grow and truly live.


One Love. One Heart. One Human Family.

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