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Spiritual Keys to Life Success

You may have felt that there is more to the meaning of life beyond the daily grind of life on Earth. Have you searched for meaning in your life or felt the presence of something bigger than you? Have you felt a special connection that transcends your physical life but felt stopped by your own mind? Then you will find in this article some cool tips and spiritual keys that will guide you to discover your spiritual path and find your connection and flow with divinity.

Letting Go

As you live your life you pick up the habits and behaviours of your upbringing and environment. You may experience the reliving of past memories that don’t serve you. These rattle around like parasites consuming your lust for life and clouding your perception of life. The trick is to let go of this excess baggage by letting go of your negative thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. Let go of your selfish actions and behaviours and embrace your higher nature.

You let go and empty your mind to access the spiritual realms. Clearing your mind and surrendering to ‘what is’ is powerful and offers you the keys to limitless freedom and possibility. When you let go you trust in the higher calling of the force of nature of creation. You connect with a higher intelligence that defies physical explanation or scientific understanding. You feel that you can accomplish anything and learn to trust this higher intelligence that some people call God.

Despite the chaos you observe and experience on Earth, you begin to know that everything unfolds perfectly. Remember that you are a spiritual being. Surrender to the universe and listen to the voice of your deeper intelligence. Then you free yourself from fear and doubt and release the obstacles your ego has created. Your ego, or the self that arises during your time on Earth, is often your biggest obstacle. Understand how it operates and then know that you are not ‘it’. You have control of your actions and reactions and can turn your autopilot off. You do this in small steps by gradually replacing automatic reactions with a deepened awareness.

See Everything in the Light

Your ego is your small self and it delights in making you feel needy and powerless. Each time you are tempted to judge another human being remind yourself that everyone is doing their best from their perspective or worldview in that particular moment. From your perception that there is a lack of meaning in your life, you grow a hunger to acquire everything. This includes the worldly pleasures of power, money, and sex. These only provide temporary happiness and never satisfy you. If they distract you from what really matters.

Look in a mirror and see yourself in the light as the luminous divine light warrior that you are. The light of a spiritual master is great and your light may feel like a small point centred in your heart or third eye. Know that you are both of the same light. This is the light of God, of all creation, and of the universe all around you. Then you see everyone and everything else in the light of God. Everyone lives in the same light.

Feel the Love of the Divine

There are many types of love including romantic love, the love of a mother for her child, and the loving compassion you feel for suffering living beings. Unconditional love is the highest form of love and it touches, moves, and inspires everyone and everything in your life. Unconditional love is the great divine unifier of life, and it holds creation together. When you flow with spiritual love, you are in the oneness and goodness of life. You are an immortal, spiritual being with the power to manifest love in all spheres of your life.

Your thoughts and feelings become more aligned with the divine pattern of creation as you connect more and more with your divine soul. Your vessel or light body fills with more light and energy and you heal and feel more alive. You also begin to co-create with the love frequencies of the universe and experience the miracle and wonder of life on Earth from a new elevated perspective.

Cultivate Your Intention

Your intention is a power that you can train and exercise like a muscle. Each day, have the intention to let go a little bit more. Unmask your false intentions and guilty desires and recognise false intentions by the energy you feel when you have them. Sense if there is any fear, greed, rage, hopelessness, or weakness. Sense the feeling first and refuse to buy into it. Then remain aware until you find the intention lurking beneath.

Have a pure intention and aim high. Cultivate a pure intention to be superhuman, a miracle healer or prophet. The reality is that you are all of these and so is everyone else.  Know that inner growth takes time and effort, and ask the universe for complete mastery of yourself so that you can serve the universe. Then you become your divine soul living on Earth. Mastery of anything starts with a clear vision or focus. Begin by seeing the little miracles around you and that will make it easier for greater miracles to grow.

Keep Your Intentions Flowing

Your daily life may be chaotic and lack integrity.  Your ego is a trickster that delights in creating dramas and it is easy to be entangled in its demands. Before you know it, you forget who you truly are and your life is run on automatic like a robot or meaning-making machine. Begin to train yourself to catch this by stopping what you are doing and take a deep breath. Stop thinking, and look deep within to find your centre and remain grounded. Let your intention for awaking and ascension come alive until this feels like second nature to you.

You can improve the quality of your life by following a structure or plan for each and every day you live. Include techniques that are aligned with your spiritual awakening. These include meditation, yoga, qigong, energy healing, and healthy eating. Use affirmations, mantras, prayers, and calming meditations. Journal daily and record your dreams, journeys, and feelings too. Share with others and go to spiritual groups that you resonate with.

Forgive Yourself & Others

Forgive yourself for being who you are and forgive others for being who they are.  We are all doing the best we can in the current circumstances. Always pick yourself when you try something new and you fail. It is okay to fail. Every successful person has failed far more than they have succeeded. Remember that the perfect disciple is one who is always stumbling but never falls. Have compassion for others as they fail in life and guide them to get back up and re-channel their focus and energy in a spiritual light.

Aim to act and speak with maximum integrity and authenticity in every area of your life. Promise to keep your word with yourself and others, and keep it. Know when it is time to clean up any mess you have left and when it is time to move on. Always have patience and compassion for others and forgive yourself and them when things go wrong.

Respect Spirit & Let it Lead

The spiritual teachings of the world are an infinite treasure because you connect with authentic spiritual teachers, read spiritual texts, and share and connect with like-minded people. Dipping into this treasure will help you open your heart and you get closer to divinity.

Don’t listen to the voice that says you have to be in charge. This is the small mind or ego that makes you worry or get stuck in distracting details.  Instead, let the universe try a new way and be willing to experiment and flow with life. Let go of your expectations and allow everything to work naturally without trying to force the outcome. Allow opportunities to come and then thank God, source energy, or the universe, for them. Flow with the outcome that comes naturally not the one you try to force.

Embrace Uncertainty & Change

The unknown is waiting for you. This has nothing to do with the ego you already know. The part of you that you know is the part that flickers out all too fast. The only thing that is certain is change and life is a journey from birth to death. During your life, you have formed likes and dislikes and learned to accept certain limits and boundaries. None of this is the real you.

Try not to rush your spiritual awakening and ascension. It can be very painful to strip away the thick layers of illusion and social conditioning. Your soul will reveal itself when it is ready to do so and not before. These things cannot be rushed. Take the time and enjoy the journey.

Embrace the unknown in every moment and also embrace the uncertainty and changes in your life. When you have an epiphany, or a new impulse or an insight that you have never acted upon before, cherish it as tenderly as a mother would cherish her newborn baby. God is a force of nature and lives in the unknown as everything and nothing. When you embrace this fully you will evolve and align yourself with this limitless force of nature.


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