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Spiritual Survival Strategies

Have you ever got a feeling that there is something greater than the physical world? You may have been inspired by a mystery of science, an awesome view from a mountaintop, or by connecting with others.

When you experience an epiphany you may feel like your world has been turned upside down. You feel humbled and grounded when you experience the power of divinity, or the force of nature, in your life.

Spirituality is experienced differently by everyone. It is the feelings, moments, and experiences of your life which form the foundation of your notion of spirituality.

You possess within yourself at every moment of your life, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of your life. All you need to do is let go, breathe, and feel into the moment.

Life is Spiritual

Everything in life is spiritual.  This includes the universe, planet Earth, every breath you take, and even the people you meet. Each moment is precious and your physical life is a school for your soul to learn and grow.

Love thy neighbour. Picture your neighbour as yourself. They are you and you are them. This is true for each individual in your family, friends, colleagues and those suffering in the world.

Give to another every experience you wish for yourself. Your life is not about you. It is about everyone whose life you touch, and how you touch it.

You are an individuation of divinity, expressing itself through your humanity. This is your true identity and it is also the true identity of all others. In all things, do unto others as you would have it done unto you.

Be Comfortable in Uncertainty

Life is uncertain. Life is very uncertain. Embrace uncertainty in each and every moment. Relax and take a deep breath if something upsets your focus.  So what if this happens at this moment. In the next moment, something else will happen or nothing at all. There is no point in reacting to what is not there now.

Overcome the momentum to grasp onto knowledge. Let go of thoughts, attachments and anxieties. Let go of the need to know and the lure of certainty.

Live fearlessly, thrive and be strong. Be open, interest and receptive to the unknown. Let it into your life like a welcome friend.

Build a Solid Foundation

Be grounded and centred. Be rooted in profound depth. Avoid being ungrounded in fantasies. Avoid being sucked into the vortex of the ups and downs of life, or anything in the media at this current time.

Cultivate an infinite centre. Be like a tree with roots deep into the earth. Visualise bright white roots growing so deep that no storms can blow you over.

Be like a giant boulder in the riverbed. Observe and feel yourself firmly grounded there. Tune into the unmoving spiritual depth of your soul. Listen to your heart and feel the steady powerful presence of your soul.

Attune yourself to a place inside of you that is strong, still and deep. There is room for everything. Step into that stillness and explore what it is like to live from that centre.

Observe what blows you off centre and also what life events trigger you into reacting. Take a moment and realign yourself when you feel frazzled, overwhelmed, or off centre.

Surrender Control

Let go of your desire to control outcomes. This frees you also of much of the stress and rigidity of your life. Surrender all control and connect with an inner knowing and flow in your life.

When you surrender control, you also let go of trying to make things go your way.  You also stop insisting that something is right or wrong.

You see things as they are and face reality head-on without any blinkers. You flow with life, being flexible and agile and have clarity in life. You are like water that runs downhill.

Observe, challenge and correct internally any biases to life or unconscious assumptions you may have. Be a creative responder to what is happening.

Honour your word. Stop and breathe deeply if you don’t honour who you are in your life. Acknowledge the failure, the lack of honour and stand anew on a foundation of a profound relationship with reality. Say who you are in the matter of your life, your living, and your Self. Then honour that saying as your Self.

There is only the Moment

Remember that you are already whole and complete lacking nothing. In your daily life, you live for the future and let the past torture you.  Both are illusions. There is only the present moment, the ‘now’.

There is no better moment than now. This moment is it. This exact moment is the only one there is.

Be still inside and feel full and flowing divine love at this moment. Know that you are already that which you are seeking.

Bring ‘yes’ to life at every moment. There is nowhere to go and nothing to wait for. Give the moment everything. Be fully present and listen deeply to each and every moment.

Let go and open the portal inside your heart that connects you with all of creation. When you meditate in the moment you experience the emergence of infinite power, love, creativity, abundance, and wisdom.

Love Conquers All

You have access to an endless flow of divine light and love. You are infinite unconditional love radiating through the universe and healing all living beings.

Feel the heart of the cosmos in your heart. Connect with all of creation through your heart. Have love and compassion for all beings.

Recreate yourself anew in each golden moment of the ‘now’. Recreate in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about who you are.


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