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Springing Into Nature

Nature is beautiful and majestic. Mother Nature keeps us alive throughout our time on earth. Without the sun, the rain, the earth, and the air, human beings and animals could not exist physically on earth.

We underestimate the healing and rejuvenating qualities of spending time in nature. In these challenging and uncertain times, many of us feel run down and are out of touch with reality. You may feel out of sorts, disconnected, tired, or feel that your life force is being drained. Also, it may have been a while since you ventured out into nature.

Spring is a healing time of year for many people. The arrival of spring brings warmer weather with more sunshine and longer days. You hear the birds singing and the trees and bushes sprout leaves and flowers. There’s a bustling of activity as people emerge to feel the warmth of the sun on their faces and breathe in the fresh spring air. Everything is springing back to life as we wake up to the longer days and the warmer temperatures.

Mother Nature: The Great Healer

You experience healing each and every time you connect with nature.  The fresh air is nourishing and you feel the flow of a slower pace of time. Your vitality increases, you align with the land, plants, and animals. Mother Nature also talks to those who listen and respect her.

Your environment is an extension of your body. It is a necessary and extremely important part of your being and an extension of your consciousness. It is very healthy for you to give time and attention to spending time in nature. You don’t need to go far. You see nature in your garden, at the local park, or along a tree-lined street.

Mother Nature inspires awe. Her complexity and wonder of creation inspires humans to know the greater universe and connect with their souls. Tune into nature and allow your higher consciousness to open up.

Mother Nature welcomes all living beings into her embrace. Set aside some time and go out to your local park each day, or find a nice spot in the local woods or by a lake. Now that it is spring, make this your new daily ritual. Go out at dawn, at dusk, and bring a camera and sketchpad.

Some Fantastic Ways You Can Reconnect With Nature

Spend as much time in nature as you can. Use all your senses to experience the moment. Take some deep breaths. Notice the sounds, smells, sights, feel, and tastes of nature. This slows down your thinking and also takes your mind off current world events. Being in the moment facilitates healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Spend time in parks, hills, woods, and forests. Feel the breeze on your face, the earth beneath your feet, the wood on the trees, the warmth of the fire of the sun and the flow of water.  You naturally align and connect yourself with earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Go out into nature now. If you have to stay in then put on some calm natural music or guided meditation of a journey into nature.  Feel nature’s healing frequencies. Walk barefoot on the earth and dance the dance of Mother Earth. Visit local lakes, rivers, and streams and walk in the rain. Allow yourself time in the sun soaking in the rays. Gaze at the stars and moon at night and feel the majesty of the cosmos and feel the love of all creation shining upon you.

Whilst in nature you have the freedom to experiment with your energy and how it interacts with nature.  There are many techniques you can practice every day that will help you become healthier and happier in daily life.

Breathe Deeply. While in nature take long, deep, satisfying breaths and allow your inner body to soak in the nourishment. Breathe out fully and release back into nature. Breathing is a gift and a loving conversation with your environment. You can practice being in the moment by breathing consciously for 15 minutes or longer whilst walking in nature.

Be silent. Use your time in nature as a gift of silence. After listening for a minute or two, you will notice that your ears will be washed with soothing, relaxing, healing sounds. Go deeper and begin to notice the symphony of sounds and the emerging harmonies in the song of nature. Listen to the birdsong or the sound of the wind through the trees. Tune into these soft natural sounds and feel into your environment.

Experience Wonder. Watch how the wind carries a leaf when it blows across your path. Watch how it moves and tumbles. Allow yourself to be consumed in the experience. Imagine being a young child playing in the grass or watching the insects entranced for long periods of time. Connect with the trees and feel their energy grounding you deep into the earth. In those timeless moments, nothing else in the world matters. This is very liberating. You feel pure bliss and you feel the love of all creation nourishing your entire being.

When you connect with nature, let go of all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. An inner stillness arises within your heart and you experience the infinite and eternal love and compassion of the universe.

You naturally heal on many levels of your being when you connect deeply with nature. Go out and spend an hour in nature each day. Then you will feel nourished, nurtured and recharged ready for your next adventure in the human world.


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