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Energy Healing Relieves Autism

Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing When you hear mothers saying, Were doing a lot of energy work right now, do you know what theyre talking about Are you curious Does it fascinate you

What is Energy Healing?

Energetic Healing is an umbrella name for any therapy that works on the principle of moving the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to facilitate our innate healing ability.

There are many forms of energetic healing. Some you may have heard of: Reiki, reflexology, kinesiology, acupuncture, chakra balancing, flower essences and crystal healing. I use a very powerful energy healing modality called Star Magic

Energetic healing or energy healing looks beyond physical symptoms to manipulate the subtle energetic meridians in the body to clear blocks, repair and rebalance. Trauma, stress, environmental damage and disease are stored in the energy fields of our bodies. Disease is the bodys way of communicating that there is an energetic block, our bodys energy is unable to move harmoniously. Energy healing facilitates repairing the body to its optimal level of balance so that it can heal itself. We are all designed to self-heal.

According to quantum physics, we are all made of energy as is everything in our world. Even our thoughts and feelings are energy, but, like oxygen, you cant see it. In an optimal state of health our personal energy is delicately balanced. Our energetic balance can get thrown off by internal and external factors like anxiety, limiting beliefs, neurological or biological imbalances, toxins, and poor nutrition among many other things.

How Do We Work with an Energy Healer

Many energy healers work with clients in a clinic or office. If the child is unable to lie on the table the child can lie with a parent or play in the therapy room, and the provider may use the parent as a surrogate. Sessions are, on average, 30 minutes to 1 hour in length and occur as frequently as you and the therapist feel makes the most sense. I do all of my work remotely, so you and your child can be in the comfort of your own home whilst the healing session is talking place. Quite often, when your child is asleep.

I can tune in to work on your child from anywhere in the world, tuning into your child’s energetic frequency while they are at school, at play or even asleep. The advantages to this are extraordinary; you can work with me where ever you are.

What Will My Child Experience during an Energy Healing Session?

Many children may feel absolutely nothing at all while they are receiving energy work. They may feel a warmth or coolness, some may drift off to sleep, and some may have an emotional release with giggles or tears. Some children will experience immediate improvement in a physical symptom or mood. Others may process the session over several days, and improvement will come more slowly. We are all unique human beings and react in different ways.

What About for Mum and Dad?

Not only is this kind of therapy so helpful for parents who struggle with our own physical ailments, toxicity and emotional pain and stress, but when parents are in balance children will often start to show improvement. Quite often mum and dad will have a Star Magic healing session too.

Could Energy Healing Help My Child?

Many children benefit from energy healing. Issues such as sleep, anxiety, and digestive pain are greatly aided by this modality. Energy healing may augment other treatment modalities beautifully. However, energy healers may also be able to go much deeper to the roots of imbalances in children with diagnoses such as autism and ADHD, to help bring about much more fundamental change.

Energy healing has been extraordinarily helpful for my son James, who has a sluggish detox system and carries a heavy toxic load. As we work to lighten that load of environmental damage, his detox pathways get easily jammed and overwhelmed. With the help of remote energy healing, we have been able to help James’s system undo these blocks and actually release the toxins we are aiming to get rid of, and the gains for James have been marvellous.

I asked several Mum’s and Dad’s to tell me about their experiences of energy work with their children and on themselves. Here are a few comments they shared with me:

One day my daughter was crying for an hour or so and looked completely terrified, yet nothing seemed to have happened. Jerry was able to tap into my son, tell me what was causing him anguish and clear the energy blockage. He calmed down very quickly and the struggle was over. Terry Matherson

My daughters language improved after her energy healing session. The week after the appointment she went to bed earlier every night and slept through to the morning. It was such a relief.” – Karen Butler

After my session I sat on my bedroom floor and had an amazing cry, I could feel my grief-related to autism was gone after that. Charlotte Jennings

Jerry gave me some great insight into my son, who was freaking out every night about homework and that he was fully capable of doing. His teacher was practically in tears telling me at the parent/teacher meeting that he didn’t know what to do, and at this rate he wasn’t going to pass his exams. Through Jerry and the Star Magic Energy Healing sessions,  we were able to resolve the situation, and at the last parent/teacher meeting it was a whole different story. His teacher was delighted to report he was on track with all of his work. Paul Williams

Star Magic

We will  address the emotional aspects of autism, which is, always, the root cause of every so called dis-ease, disorder or ailment. Star Magic takes Energy Healing to a completely different level. I’m able to edit your Karmic Blue Print and cause huge reality shifts very quickly, with a super-charged form of healing (Star Magic) that uses applied Quantum Physics to quickly release the physical, mental & emotional blocks/stresses/traumas that you may be experiencing, keeping you from creating & living your most extraordinary life

The key to why this modality is so potent is that all healing’s are done from the zero point energy field (also known as the space of Infinite Possibility/Source Energy) and works on a deep root cellular level. From this space, we immediately align with the most authentic, whole & powerful aspect of ourselves which in itself creates an environment whereby profound healing takes place. This modality has been totally blowing my clients away, and has been considered to be one of the most thorough & alchemising energy modalities available. Tumors, cysts, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, eyesight, sciatica, neck pain, foot pain and much more have disappeared after one or more Star Magic Healing sessions. Is this a coincidence? I will let you decide. I also use Star Magic to elevate business performance, unlock blocks in relationships and so much more. If you’re not satisfied with life you must try Star Magic.

If you are struggling with a child suffering from autism and and would like relief  and support, please contact me. The sessions are 30 -60 minutes.

If you would like to book your Star Magic Energy Healing Session and start the process to becoming a healthy vibrant you, and giving your child the opportunity to be free from the distress, then book your session now.

With Loving Energy,

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