cosmic energy meditation

Step-by-Step Guided Cosmic Energy Meditation You Can Do at Home

Do you feel somewhat distressed, like something is wrong or missing in your life?

If you’ve been feeling this way a lot lately, then it’s time to turn yourself to cosmic energy meditation.

This type of healing meditation has the ability to change your life for the better.

Cosmic energy is everywhere. It’s a force that is present in the cosmos, in the space, between galaxies and within molecules.

We need the energy to perform our everyday tasks. We can’t exist without it because it helps us maintain the powerful connection between our body, spirit and mind.

The cosmic energy in itself is healing for our physical, spiritual and mental self.

cosmic energy meditation

The incredible advantage of cosmic energy meditation is that you can practice it at home. It’s also the key to living a healthy, happy life.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do cosmic meditation at home and allow the energy to flow into your being and transcend your body and mind. 

1. Take Control of Your Negative Thoughts

This is the first thing you need to do when you want to meditate. Our mind can be so loud sometimes that it’s hard to make it shut up, especially when it comes to negative thoughts.

If we let our mind wander and don’t keep it under control, it can even be harmful.

You are an amazing human being and you are capable of anything. Don’t let your ego-mind say otherwise.

You have to limit and reduce all these negative thoughts which are stopping you from bonding with the cosmos and regaining the cosmic energy.

2. Use Affirmations to Drive Negativity Away

Now, we’re going to focus on affirmations.

The reason why I’m so focused on negativity is because you have to eliminate it completely before allowing positivity back in your life.

In this step, you need to use only the affirmations which truly resonate with you and your situation.

I’m going to give you, however, a few basic affirmations which you can use until you create your own:

  • I am special;
  • I am unique;
  • I have the potential to change the world;
  • I was born to do something great;
  • I deserve love;
  • I trust myself to make the best decisions.

3. Clean the Meditation Space

After our mind has been set in the right place, it’s time to look around us as well.

Decluttering the area where you’re going to sit, is not only practical, but it will clear your mind as well.

By clearing up your space, your mind will feel lighter and more positive, to begin with.

At the same time, the other areas in your home require a bit of cleaning as well.

I recommend focusing on decluttering the places where you spend most of your time, such as the office or the living room. These areas can catch a lot of energy and so the energetic field needs to be cleared out once in a while.

Becoming more in tune with yourself is the main goal of cleaning your meditation space.

4. Open Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Last, but certainly not least, we need to go beyond what we experience physically and let our mind and spirit communicate with the cosmic energy.

This great connection will help you experience a deep transformation at all levels – mind, body, spirit, soul.

By being consistent with your meditation, you will be able to reach another level, another dimension of relaxation.

cosmic energy meditationThe more often you do it, the more cosmic energy you will receive through your sessions.

You will be more open to the Universe and your life will be enriched again.

Cosmic Energy Meditation Is for Anyone

Everyone needs and can benefit from this powerful and healing session of cosmic energy meditation.

If you want to learn more about healing meditation, please check out this page.

I love you with my heart, with my soul, with every fiber of my entire being. Together we can make this world a much more harmonious place.