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Stepping Into Your Power

Stepping into your power is about being in alignment. It is trusting that you are in the right place at the right time. Then you experience love, joy, share your gifts and talents, and own the life you create.

What it means to Step into Your Power

Stepping into your power means you recognize and accept you are complete within yourself.  It is an illusion to feel that anything or anyone else gives you happiness, control, or power.

You step into your power by letting go of the need to have your life in a certain way. Overcome attachments and neediness to things and people. You are attached when you want or desire a specific outcome. When you are attached to something or someone you give up your power to it.

Successful people listen to inner wisdom and divine guidance. They glide effortlessly from success to success because they are in their power and they are centred in trust.

Avoid giving your energy away. Use discernment in any given situation. Always treat people and the environment with respect. Watch your mind and be alert to life’s challenges and tests.

How to Step into Your Power

Love yourself unconditionally. Give yourself praise, love, adoration, and self-care on a daily basis. Thank yourself and show gratitude to everything including the challenges you face. There is no faster way to feeling alive and in your power than through bathing in unconditional love and self-compassion. Accept all facets of your being and consciously live from your heart.

Meditate and go outside and ground yourself. You will discover a place of inner peace, trust, and knowing if you just spend 15 minutes every day sitting with yourself and quieting your mind. Go out and observe the abundance and beauty of nature. Notice it, feel at one with it, and feel connected and recharged.

Take control of what’s in your power and accept what is not. There are some things that are in your control including healthy eating, cleaning your home, and exercise as well as how you react when faced with adversity.

In your daily life do what makes you happy.  Accept the moment with joy right now and have an appreciation for everything you already have. Gracefully accept the things outside of your power. It wastes your time and energy to stress about the bus breaking down or being let down by others.

Trust even if you can’t see it yet. This is how you step into your own power and stop giving it away.  Become a very powerful creator of your own life and realise everything is good even if you don’t like it.

Don’t get distracted with needing to know how something is going to appear in your life. This will only delay the process of bringing it to you.  So let go of the need to know how things work.

Use powerful daily affirmations and personal mantras. You can say them while you are walking, dancing or exercising. This helps your body to believe them. Try “I am fit, healthy and full of energy” or “I love myself as I AM”. Affirmations are most effective when aligned with your intentions.  Tweak your affirmations until you find affirmations that suit you in the here and now.

Positive Transformation

Note how you affect people in your life positively. Ask them for feedback about how you shine your light. Identify what makes you resonate with your heart and soul and own it. Ask others to share how they see you. Let in more positivity and love that will attract higher vibrational people into your life.

Plant the seeds of your desires. Spend time in the garden of your mind to water these seeds. Visualise yourself living the life you love.  This shows your subconscious mind what you want and it becomes familiar and comfortable with seeing and knowing what comes next.

Invest in your happiness. Carve out ample time to replenish your spirit and take care of yourself. You are no good to others if you are not happy with yourself. Find what moves you and do something that makes you smile every day.

Appreciate your Self-Transformation. It can be uncomfortable when you are stepping into your power. The hardships you face are preparing you for greatness and magnificence. Be thankful for your current situation and the lessons that you need to learn before moving on.

Detach from unrealistic expectations of others. Remember you are in control of your own life. People will often pull you in different directions to fit their own agenda. It is up to you to do what makes you happy no matter what others think is best for you.

Learn to forgive without an apology. Accept the apology you will never get. You can’t make someone regret how they treated you. Don’t waste this year waiting for an apology from someone that hurt you. Instead dust it off, learn from the experience, and move on.

Listen to your inner wisdom and trust that all is well. Trust that you do know what is best for you. Trust that you are on the right path for you.

Letting Go

Let go of the need to control the awakening process. Trust that the Universe will provide for you. Let go of all attachments, chords, and chains that do not serve you.

Let go of the need to receive in a certain way.  Accept your own power and create space for your desire to come to you in the highest and best way.  This may not be exactly what you wanted in the first place. Patient acceptance gives the universe more scope to answer in alignment with your soul.

Let go of the illusion of what you see is what you believe.  There is much more going on that you cannot see.  Always accept that what you see is only part of the story.

Understand the power of your subconscious. Your conscious mind is only about 3% of your entire mind. Your true power lies in your subconscious. You have trapped emotions, beliefs, and subconscious programs that you are unaware of. These cause you to vibrate at a frequency that doesn’t match what you want. Use meditation, energy healing, and prayer to align your conscious and subconscious minds.

Keep on Flowing. You will face challenges throughout your life. Pick yourself up when you are knocked down by obstacles and adversity. You are unstoppable when you realise your self-worth and power.

Connect with the power within. Align with your awesome vibration as you evolve into a new paradigm of unconditional love. This is the most powerful energy in the Universe.


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