Super Humans

A New Breed

A new breed of human, a Galactic Avatar is rising from inside of each one of us, brothers and sisters of Earth. The Galactic Avatar is a human who’s default state is joy, harmony, strength, wisdom and unconditional love. The key to accessing the abilities of a Galactic Avatar lie within the cells and DNA strands of every human being.

The extraterrestrial Light Frequencies held in the geometry of Star Magic, holds the coding to re-calibrate those that are ready, to step into the next arena of human-potential.


Star Gates

Star Gates that were once corrupted are being reversed with the new Vibrational Light Codes that Star Magic is bringing through to humanity. Ancient time-lines that were infiltrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Frequency Fences to hinder the powerful flow of off-planet light emanating from the Star Gate of our Sun, are coming back on line and our holographic world is changing.

Star/Earth Guardians

Jerry has been personally contacted, prepared through downloadable coding, by Inter-dimensional beings (Extra-terrestrial), to create a powerful grid structure (Star Magic Matrix) to allow an easy, free- flowing connection for those that want to and are ready, to connect to a New/Old Crystalline Network, powerful Galactic streams of Light. Its a new information stream which will activate our Super-Human Nature.

Are You Ready to Be upgraded?

Are You Ready to Experience freedom?

Are You Ready to Be Your Sovereign-Self? 


Here are 3 Extraordinary Places to Start Your Star Magic Journey


 Join Your Tribe

At Facilitator Training

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Join Your Tribe

In Our Meditation Library

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Join Your Tribe

At Infinite Wisdom

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