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Symptoms Which Are Usually Associated with the Ascension Process

The ascension process refers to the acceleration of your vibrational energy and the expansion of your awareness, which lead to creating a shift in your consciousness.

During the process, you’ll notice all sorts of changes on all levels of your being. As your vibrational energy increases, you’ll experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms.

The intensity of these symptoms may vary depending on your level of awareness, spiritual practice and vibrational level.

If you have been feeling strange lately and you have been experiencing symptoms which don’t make any sense, then they’re most likely connected to the ascension process.

They are completely natural and an essential part of the evolutionary process.

Here are the most common ones you’ll notice.

Symptoms Associated with the Ascension Process

  • Fatigue. This may be a sign you have energy parasites which are draining your energy, but it could also mean you are processing a lot of information on many different levels. Thanks to ascension, you will be able to remove the energy parasites and gain your vitality back.
  • Headaches. A block of the energy flow can be attributed to headaches when you go through ascension. To minimize this discomfort, you can try directing your energy into your lower chakras, sit on the ground for a few minutes or practice grounding meditation.
  • Floating. The effect of floating or dizziness is often caused by an energy flux. Make sure you stay hydrated to ease this symptom and whenever you start feeling like this, sit down and take a few deep breaths.
  • Bloating. Gas, bloating and irregular bowel movements are usually caused by the opening and clearing of the solar plexus chakra.
  • Intense love. Out of nowhere, you will start feeling like love is flooding your entire being, which is something that happens only when you’re a greater state of awareness.
  • Clarity. As you get closer to your ascension, everything will start making sense. Your life’s purpose will become clear to you and you’ll know what kind of changes you need to do in your life to reach your goals.
  • Increased intuition. As your awareness expands, you will become more sensitive, clairvoyant and more intuitive about the people who are part of your life.
  • Detachment. This symptom means you are transcending into a spiritual world, rather than the material one you’re living.
  • Introversion. During the ascension process, you will start feeling the need to be alone more often. You will value more your personal space and alone time, which is going to help you get more connected to yourself.
  • Disorientation. This means you sometimes may not be feeling entirely here and it’s mainly because you are distancing yourself from this three-dimensional consciousness into the fifth dimension.

Moving Towards Ascension

Because you’ll be going through a rapid transformation coming from a very limited three-dimensional consciousness and into a highly expanded fifth-dimensional consciousness, the symptoms may feel challenging at times.

But no need to worry – all of it is temporary.

You just need to embrace and accept all of these changes. Chances are you won’t experience all of them. It will all depend on vibrational frequency.

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