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Video – Fractal Geometrical Universe. Will Aliens Save Us?

In this video, Jerry shares with you a message about aliens, and are they really going to save us? Why as humans, have we grasped onto this idea of ‘aliens’ and why do we cling onto this idea that we need other beings to save us because we are too weak to save ourselves? Will […]

Heart Frequency Transmission – Light Language Consciousness Upgrade

How are you feeling today?   In this video Jerry shares a special light language transmission from the Temple of Karnak in Egypt. Feel the energies of Egypt pour into your soul as you drop down into your cosmic heart space. You will elevate and expand as you sink into these divine frequencies and the […]

I’m in the Wrong Dimension – Help Me, I Don’t Know Which Extraterrestrials to Trust

How are you feeling right now Beautiful Soul?   I receive messages every day from confused sisters and brothers, unsure of whether to trust messages they are receiving from angels, fairies, extraterrestrials or other mythical beings. People ask which dimension am I in? People are feeling pain because they believe they are trapped in the […]

How do we Perceive Time?

Time is a funny old thing. Time is a human invention to describe the process of change we all experience individually and collectively. It also appears to have no beginning or end. Yet our perception of time often deviates from the physical nature of time. We experience time running slowly when we focus on it, […]