We Are All Enlightened

You Are Enlightened. You are a spark of divine light inseparable with the light of creation that lies beyond space and time in the eternal now. You are a child of original creation. We are also creator beings with unique skills and talents and a soul purpose. You carry the light of creation within you. You […]

Ancient Origins

We have all wondered about our ancient origins. Have you also questioned why it appears that we are alone and what else may have played a role in our cloudy ancient history? Many believe we evolved from the apes and that is the end of story. Many others believe in some form of creation from […]

Enlightened Society

The human race has great potential to be enlightened, largely untapped with some glimmers of hope. People are individual emanations of one consciousness, equal like animals and everything else. Yet they do not realise this. Their potential is so great and equal to that of divine source energy. They have the ability to imagine and […]

Creation, Healing and Ascension

Creation and Ascension Information comes in as a packet and my level of mind decodes it in way it understands. Man is born with ability to create, or co-create (as God creates). We have enough free will to make us creators through the power of intelligence and the thought for creation. Everything is thought. We […]