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Increase Success & Creativity – Law of Attraction & Light Codes

   In this video, I share a super-powerful daily ritual that will increase your success and creativity. Using energy, light codes and the law of attraction this daily ritual will elevate your life. Do this every day, your vibration will change and life will flow. You will learn how to influence your reality in […]

Top Parenting Tips – Enhance Your Child’s Creativity

In this video, I share some top parenting tips that will enhance creativity in your children and help them soar, by giving them the freedom to truly explore their own unique talents and abilities. This, in my eyes (having tried a variety of approaches to parenting two children myself) is the most successful method pf […]

Video: How to Stop the Mental Chatter, Outwit the Devil and Liberate Your Soul

In this week’s video, Jerry shares a message about outwitting the ‘devil’. What is the devil? What are so-called evil forces, why do they exist, and why are so many people conditioned to believe in forces of good and evil? Jerry reveals the truth about ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in terms of vibration and frequency, and […]

Creative Expression – How to Fully Express With Clarity

In this video Jerry shares with you his insights into creative expression and what holds us back. Is it holding you back and stopping you from show casing your beauty, talents and uniqueness to the world? It’s important you express with clarity and let your energy and light shine brightly. Unfortunately too many people care […]

Creative and Pleiadian Revelations

Feeling Homesick and Creative I often feel so lonely and homesick, and all I want to do is be creative. I look around me and see that my flat really needs a lot of work. There are many things I don’t use any more like the TV, computer games, spare towers, some books and much bric-a-brac. […]