Energy Healing & the Darker Forces by Jerry Sargeant

The darker corners of spiritual life often provide fodder for scary movies, and stories that frighten us as children. But the dark forces of our nightmares have a basis in the real world sometimes we can even feel these powerful energies in our own bodies. Indeed, physical and mental illnesses often have spiritual causes that […]

Energy Healing For Successful Businesses By Jerry Sargeant

Star Magic Energy Healing is a powerful approach which focuses on the inner world of energy. All your answers are within you so there is no rationalising or finding solutions outside of yourself.  If you want to elevate your business performance Star Magic energy healing is the key. Star Magic Energy Healing particularly suits people […]

Energy Healing Relieves Autism

Energy Healing What is Energy Healing When you hear mothers saying, Were doing a lot of energy work right now, do you know what theyre talking about Are you curious Does it fascinate you What is Energy Healing? Energetic Healing is an umbrella name for any therapy that works on the principle of moving the […]

Relief From Back Pain by Jerry Sargeant

We all experience back pain at some point in our lives. Back pain can have many different causes such as pinched nerves in the vertebrae in the back, arthritis, muscle strain, falls/accidents, herniated discs and in more severe cases scoliosis. Back pain also has an emotional cause. Normally its support in life. The lower back […]

Fastest Relief for Neck Pain

We have all at some point in our lives, suffered with neck pain. Neck pain can have many causes. The most common causes of neck pain are: Pinched Nerve – a vertebrae is out of alignment and impinging upon a nerve in the neck Whiplash – neck is injured by the trauma of being thrown […]

Best Anger Management by Jerry Sargeant

Anger can be a destructive emotion if not dealt with correctly. Studies show that people who have had a lot of hidden rage, experience frequent headaches, high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, and poor digestion. In fact, research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that there’s a strong link between hostility […]

Relief From Agoraphobia By Jerry Sargeant

There are often multiple layers to the phobia that have to be dealt with in order for a person to feel better. Some people actually fear the feeling of having a panic/anxiety attack while away from home. All these issues must healed in order, for a person with agoraphobia, to be able to feel peaceful […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by Jerry Sargeant

According to mainstream medicine, there is no cure for PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have found as an energy healer, that PTSD can indeed be relieved or greatly reduced with certain alternative energy healing techniques. First some general info on PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. It can occur […]

Facial Rejuvenation Through Energy Healing by Jerry Sargeant

The first signs of anything wrong in our bodies shows up on our face. The energy field of the face represents the entire field, so anything we do that rejuvenates our face, actually rejuvenates our brain, and the rest of the body as well. Rejuvenating the cells that make up our faces is not limited […]

Adrenal Fatigue & Energy Healing by Jerry Sargeant

Adrenal fatigue occurs when your adrenal glands are functioning below a normal level. High stress levels and infections can bring on adrenal fatigue. One of the key symptoms of adrenal fatigue is a lack of refreshing sleep. You never feel recharged or rested and have a general feeling of weakness or malaise. Perhaps you depend […]

Fast Relief From Tinnitus

Medical Reasons For Tinnitus Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom that can result from a wide range of underlying causes: abnormally loud sounds in the ear canal for even the briefest period (but usually with some duration), ear infections, foreign objects in the ear, nasal allergies that prevent (or induce) fluid drain, or wax build-up. Withdrawal […]

Effective treatment for grief and grieving

Grief and grieving affects us all at some point in life. The 5 stages of grief are typically: Denial: This cant be happening to me. Anger: Why is this happening Who is to blame Bargaining: Make this not happen, and in return I will ____. Depression: I’m too sad to do anything. Acceptance: I’m at peace with […]

Spiritual Activation: Activate Your Dormant DNA Codes with Light Frequencies

What is SPIRITUAL ACTIVATION?   Spiritual activation is when one begins the process of expanding Light within the higher spiritual body; which makes up part of the auric field. Light is information. Not the kind of information most of here on planet Earth can interpret right now, but on a spiritual, intuitive level we know […]

How to activate and open your third eye

Straight from Wikipedia, the biological aspect of the pineal gland defines it as a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the […]

Fastest solution for arthritis

Arthritis is inflammation in one or more of the joints in your body. Most people experience pain and swelling in the joints that may worsen with age. The two most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is usually caused by normal wear and tear, while rheumatoid arthritis is said to be […]