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Light Language Reprogramming – Release Negative Conditioning

   This light language reprogramming transmission will release you from negative conditioning, deleting all negative thought patterns in your subconscious mind. Many of us are conditioned into repeating the same negative programmes, subconscious programmes that stop us from growing and expanding and becoming whole, sovereign, free human beings that know who they are and […]

Quantum DNA Upgrade – Release Negative Programming and Heal Addiction

   Most human beings are unconsciously addicted to trauma, pain and suffering. Our physical bodies are addicted to certain negative programmes, to negative feelings and chemical releases within the body. In this video, I will show you how to release negative programming within you and heal addiction. This quantum DNA upgrade will happen as […]

How I Healed a Life-Threatening Brain Tumour

 Jose was diagnosed with a severe brain tumour. It was the size of an orange and was spreading very quickly. He went on a journey which led to an unsuccessful operation. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy did nothing apart from burn his head. Jose kept returning to the doctors to find his brain tumour had grown. […]

No. 1 Strategy for Overcoming Failure – How Do You Keep Going Against All Odds?

In this video share the one thing you that you can do to overcome failure and keep going against all the odds. I am on a mission to change consciousness on this planet, so we, as sisters and brothers can live in a more harmonious experience. When you change your consciousness, you can change your […]

Is this Science or a Miracle? A New Set of Knees in 20 Minutes

Is this Science or a Miracle? Do you KNOW the power that lies within YOU? Li Chung had not been able to walk, unsupported, for more than 6 years. She suffers from Anaphylaxis, a serious allergy to anaesthesia, proving almost fatal the last time she had an operation. She was told by the doctors she […]

Video – How to Balance Your Merkaba Fields and Expand Your Consciousness, Fast

Hey Beautful Souls, I am on a mission to change consciousness on this planet, so we, as sisters and brothers can live in a more harmonious experience. When you change your consciousness, you can change your energy and in doing so, thrive amongst the chaos, until chaos completely dissolves because the planets and our human […]

Video – DNA Activation FREE Healing & Meditation. Immune System Upgrade

Listen to this free guided meditation and energy healing session – it will activate your DNA, upgrade your immune system and work on activating your third eye, making you a healthier and more vibrant human being with a more expanded consciousnesses. Everything on the planet is in great change. Electromagnetic currents are altering, the magnetic […]

How to Release Physical Pain – Free Distance Healing

In this video Jerry shares a healing transmission to release physical pain. However, if you’re feeling the need to release emotional burdens or personal pressures of any kind, focus on this video to feel that weight being lifted. Open your heart and connect with Jerry to receive unconditional love and beautiful cosmic energy.   We […]

How to Connect with Your Master Alchemist – Light Code Activation

Inside every human being resides a powerful Alchemist with the ability to break away from the cycle of time and enter the NOW-space, where there is no past, and no future. Filmed at the beginning of the 2019 whilst taking a holiday in Sri Lanka, this week’s video Jerry shares his sure-fire recipe of how […]

Activate the Golden Ascension Rays DNA Activation

We live in a holographic universe that is currently in a state of flux, where new energies and coded frequencies are being transmitted to us for the betterment and enlightenment of our species. In this video Jerry shares a new light language transmission to activate the Golden Ascension Rays for the Crystal Star Activation to […]

How to Protect Your Energy and 5 People Who Drain It (JERRY SARGEANT) Energy Vampires

In this video Jerry discusses the importance of protecting your space and discusses the 5 types of people that drain your energy. Saying no is one of the hardest thing for many human beings but is essential in protecting your energy and stepping into your power. You deserve to give your self the time and […]

Sacred Geometry – Guided Meditation For DNA Activation

The first video in a 3 part series on DNA Activation. In this video Jerry takes you on a deep guided meditation experience where you become the truth. You feel, see and know you are light, binary code, geometry, an electromagnetic light source beyond anything remotely physical. This guided healing meditation is extremely powerful and […]

Teleportation Techniques

Teleportation provides a solution for many of our transport and storage woes. By definition it is the instantaneous or near instantaneous transmission of energy from one set of space-time coordinates to another. Time travel involves a similar process except that you travel to a different time coordinate as well as, or instead of, different spatial […]

25 DNA Activation/Ascension Symptoms

DNA Activation symptoms. Discover 25 DNA activation symptoms that you maybe experiencing. Once you understand what they are it will help you feel at ease on your spiritual journey as your consciousness expands and your extrasensory abilities heighten on your way to becoming super-human. You are extraordinarily powerful and what lies within your own genetics […]