Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

You can manifest your dreams into reality. To manifest who you desire requires intention, repetition and focus. It is important to be focussed with a clear intention while manifesting rather than allow manifesting to happen. This helps to narrow down all the possible potential outcomes that otherwise exist simultaneously. You manifest continuously in this reality. […]

Nature Spirits

Before the industrial age many people saw devas, elementals, mermaids, dryads, fairies, elves, gnomes and many other nature spirits. With the advent of the industrial revolution we stopped believing in nature spirits and supernatural beings often dismissing them as myth and folklore. WHAT ARE NATURE SPIRITS & DEVAS? Nature Spirits, including devas and elementals, are […]

What is Energy Healing?

Your human body is a complete energy system that is in tune with the Universe. Any imbalance in your body would create obstruction in the flow of your energy. This results in illness. Humans vibrate with unique electromagnetic waves. Energy blocks or imbalances lead to physical health problems, emotional disturbances, and even financial issues. Your […]

Emotion: The Secret To Manifestation

The secret to manifesting your dreams is your emotion. Emotion is the charge which empowers your intention for manifestation. The highest emotion is pure unconditional love.  Your emotions broadcast information through your energy field and also into the environment around you. Complex emotions vibrate at different frequencies. You will feel a lack, want, or need […]

Energy Awareness

Everything is energy in one form or another. The physical law of conservation of energy applies to all energy and not just the physical varieties. Our energy includes our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. We spend much time cleaning and looking after our bodies. However many neglect the heavy energetic feelings we often get, or […]

Ascension Symptoms and Living my Life

Ascension Symptoms: Head Changes After a good sleep I woke up refreshed with dreams and visions of swimming in ethers and light around and through me. These remind me of the ascension and 5D reality and are very luminous and in place psychedelic hypnagogia and in projection/dream, and appear as waves of smoothest brilliantly coloured […]