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Light Language Reprogramming – Release Negative Conditioning

   This light language reprogramming transmission will release you from negative conditioning, deleting all negative thought patterns in your subconscious mind. Many of us are conditioned into repeating the same negative programmes, subconscious programmes that stop us from growing and expanding and becoming whole, sovereign, free human beings that know who they are and […]

Connect with Your Star Family

In this video Jerry is live from Cairo, sharing a light language transmission to open a deep and profound connection to your Star Family and Galactic Origins. Open your heart, take three long deep breathes, connect with Jerry and experience this transmission. Lets connect Light to Light, Heart to Heart I love you unconditionally We […]

Release Negativity, Fast

This Light Language is transmitted from the temple of the sacral chakra in Egypt. From Jerry, directly to you. Its specific function is to release negativity, stuck patterns and blocked emotions. Open your heart and be in this space with Jerry, this transmission will penetrate you on a cellular level, removing obstacles and tired debris […]

How To Remove Voodoo & Black Magic

Black magic or voodoo is a surprising common practice and can affect many people without them being aware of it. Everything in this universe is part of a shifting frequency. Within these varying frequency bands both healing or black magic can take place. It all lies within the same spectrum, light and dark. In this […]

How to Be the Music of the Universe

In this video, Jerry shares his recipe on how to be the music of the universe. You are a universal instrument, being played by light and information, the vibrational tones and rhythms of the universal fabric, to create beauty and magic. The issue is that most of us are out of sync. To be fully […]

Activate Your 5d Blueprint – Light Language Transmission Egypt

In this video, Jerry shares with you a light language transmission to activate your 5th Density Blueprint. This transmission will allow you to unlock new octaves of light and information. Filmed in the highly vibrational Giza Plateau in Cairo, Egypt, this transmission is enhanced by the vastly powerful energy frequencies of the Great Pyramids. You […]

Go Quantum – Light Language Transmission & Healing

In this week’s video, Jerry gives you frequencies and codes that will allow you to truly experience the geometrical nature that you are. Feel the boundaries of your physical body dissolve into the quantum field and experience the truth beyond the illusion. Open your heart, breathe deeply, and prepare yourself to accept this powerful light […]

How to Release Physical Pain – Free Distance Healing

In this video Jerry shares a healing transmission to release physical pain. However, if you’re feeling the need to release emotional burdens or personal pressures of any kind, focus on this video to feel that weight being lifted. Open your heart and connect with Jerry to receive unconditional love and beautiful cosmic energy.   We […]

How to Connect with Your Master Alchemist – Light Code Activation

Inside every human being resides a powerful Alchemist with the ability to break away from the cycle of time and enter the NOW-space, where there is no past, and no future. Filmed at the beginning of the 2019 whilst taking a holiday in Sri Lanka, this week’s video Jerry shares his sure-fire recipe of how […]

Activate the Golden Ascension Rays DNA Activation

We live in a holographic universe that is currently in a state of flux, where new energies and coded frequencies are being transmitted to us for the betterment and enlightenment of our species. In this video Jerry shares a new light language transmission to activate the Golden Ascension Rays for the Crystal Star Activation to […]