Explaining Kundalini Yoga Practices

Kundalini yoga practises form an ancient art and science that transforms and expands your consciousness. Kundalini Yoga Practises involve the awakening and rising of kundalini energy up your spine through your chakras. Kundalini energy is the energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine until it is activated. Activation can be achieved by […]

Kundalini Activation

Kundalini is your life force energy. Kundalini is also believed to be power associated with the divine feminine. During a Kundalini activation or awakening you become conscious as the energy spirals upward activating each chakra. In people who have not experienced as kundalini awakening their energy remains coiled like a tightly coiled serpent at the […]

Meditation Techniques & Psychic Abilities – Eyes Open or Closed?

   Meditation and peoples psychic abilities are an interesting topic. Some people say you should meditate with your eyes closed and when your tapping into the unseen world, using your psychic abilities, you are better off with your eyes closed also. This isn’t actually true. We are all different, unique human beings and can […]

Qigong Healing Techniques

Anyone of any age or physical condition can practice Qigong healing techniques. Qigong improves your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Qigong healing techniques integrate posture, movement, breathing techniques, self-massage, sound, and focused intent. What is Qigong? ‘Qi’ is the name for vital life-force or life-force energy.  Qi (Chi) means ‘breath’ or ‘air’ that penetrates […]

The Kindness Code – Re-engineer Your Consciousness

   This video will upgrade your consciousness and shift your awareness into a new field of information. You will enter a paradigm of freedom where there is no blame or judgement. Kindness will simply flow through you and into the world around you. The kindness code will re-engineer your consciousness and you will see […]

Channelling for Self-Healing

There are many ways to heal yourself. One of the most effective is channelling for self-healing. This gives you access to the power of your love and intention combined with the healing technologies of countless healing beings. Universal Cosmic Energy You live in a sea of subtle energies.  You have the ability to be conscious […]

Healing Your Physical Body

Your physical body is the vehicle for your soul on earth. Without it, you cannot live on earth. It is very important to look after and heal your physical body. Every part of your own body has its own consciousness or its own soul. Your body also houses countless living micro-organisms. There are many ways […]

Transform Your DNA

Your DNA has all the information it needs. This includes the blueprint for who you are and the instructions for who you will be. The DNA you are born with is only part of the picture. More and more scientific research is proving that you can transform your own DNA with the power of your […]

Human Emotions Shape Reality

Recent scientific research has shown that human emotions shape reality. Three independent studies have proven that human emotion literally shapes the world around you. This is beyond what is accepted as the normal perception of the world and of physical reality itself. Several fascinating experiments show that DNA is remotely influenced by the donor of […]

How to Connect to Source and Stay Grounded with Nature

   Here we show how to stay grounded through your connection to Nature while still accessing Source. We discuss connecting to the source frequency and how this high vibration can open a new world of possibilities through your heightened connection and expanded version of you, which will naturally happen as you change your energy […]

Your Willpower Heals You

Your willpower heals you. Your willpower strengthens your resolve through difficulties. Your willpower also helps you overcome old habits and develop new ones. Your Willpower helps you to resist distraction and temptations. It helps you to lead a productive lifestyle. Your willpower heals you and keeps you on a chosen course no matter what the […]

Do This One Thing and Excel – Expand Your Consciousness and Raise Your Vibration

   In this video, I share some powerful golden codes to shift your vibration and create an environment within your consciousness where you take deliberate action. by taking deliberate action you take charge of your life and no longer fit into the proverbial mould laid down by the society and the human cattle that […]

Stepping Into Your Power

Stepping into your power is about being in alignment. It is trusting that you are in the right place at the right time. Then you experience love, joy, share your gifts and talents, and own the life you create. What it means to Step into Your Power Stepping into your power means you recognize and […]

Five Easy Steps to Self-Healing

You have direct access to all the love, power, wisdom and knowledge to heal your body, mind and soul. Self-healing works best when you leave your ego aside and step into the vibration of your pure soul. You also let go of attachments or fears about illness or whether healing is working. Be 100 per […]

Free Distance Healing. Heal Mental, Physical & Emotional Pain, FAST

   In this video, I share a super-powerful free distance healing transmission to shift and heal mental, physical and emotional pain, fast. Connect with me in this space, receive this light transmission and experience the power of this light encoded healing session. Your heart will open, your energy will change as you connect with […]