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No.1 Way to Regain Your Focus FAST – Increase Motivation and Energy

   What is the no.1 way to regain focus when you lose your way or experience a setback in life? How can you overcome anxiety and the fear of failure, and increase motivation and energy? We often face setbacks or challenges, and sometimes it can be hard to recover. In this video, I will […]

What Millennials Think About Quick Fixes For Success

   What is the number one quick fix for success? And what do millennials think about this quick fix for massive success? Back in the day, our parents always told us to work hard to get where we wanted to go. Nowadays everyone wants it now, without the effort. Neither of these philosophies cut […]

Top Parenting Tips – Enhance Your Child’s Creativity

In this video, I share some top parenting tips that will enhance creativity in your children and help them soar, by giving them the freedom to truly explore their own unique talents and abilities. This, in my eyes (having tried a variety of approaches to parenting two children myself) is the most successful method pf […]

No. 1 Strategy for Overcoming Failure – How Do You Keep Going Against All Odds?

In this video share the one thing you that you can do to overcome failure and keep going against all the odds. I am on a mission to change consciousness on this planet, so we, as sisters and brothers can live in a more harmonious experience. When you change your consciousness, you can change your […]

Video: How to Stop the Mental Chatter, Outwit the Devil and Liberate Your Soul

In this week’s video, Jerry shares a message about outwitting the ‘devil’. What is the devil? What are so-called evil forces, why do they exist, and why are so many people conditioned to believe in forces of good and evil? Jerry reveals the truth about ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in terms of vibration and frequency, and […]

Creative Expression – How to Fully Express With Clarity

In this video Jerry shares with you his insights into creative expression and what holds us back. Is it holding you back and stopping you from show casing your beauty, talents and uniqueness to the world? It’s important you express with clarity and let your energy and light shine brightly. Unfortunately too many people care […]

Top Performance Tips for High Achievers – High Vibrational Success

In this video Jerry shares his personal experiences and basic principles to instil discipline and prepare yourself to be ready for any personal or professional challenge. The world’s highest achievers follow these rules. Learn how to fuel your body and soul in the right way. Try them, you have nothing to lose and everything to […]