How do we Perceive Time?

Time is a funny old thing. Time is a human invention to describe the process of change we all experience individually and collectively. It also appears to have no beginning or end. Yet our perception of time often deviates from the physical nature of time. We experience time running slowly when we focus on it, […]

Avatar of Synthesis

The high light energy of the Avatar of Synthesis is available to all who request it, and the energy is particularly powerful for those who are awakened and working with the highest aspects of the light. The Avatar of Synthesis is known by many names in legendary prophecies. These include the Kalki Avatar and also […]

Enlightened Society

The human race has great potential to be enlightened, largely untapped with some glimmers of hope. People are individual emanations of one consciousness, equal like animals and everything else. Yet they do not realise this. Their potential is so great and equal to that of divine source energy. They have the ability to imagine and […]