Spirit Food – Chaga Mushroom

  ORIGIN Chaga is a most remarkable medicinal mushroom that grows on the bark of living trees. Chaga makes the powerful medicinal wood of birch trees edible for humans. Chaga mushrooms grow most abundantly in nearly all species of birch found in the circumpolar temperate forests of Earth’s northern hemisphere. The medicinal super-powers of the […]

Spirit Food – Orange

ORIGIN Have you ever wondered which came first? The fruit or the colour? The colour was named after the fruit. The earliest recorded use of the word orange was used in the 1300s from the Old French orenge, adapted from the Arabic nāranj, from the Persian nārang, from the Sanskrit nāranga which translates to “orange tree.” During the Age of Discovery, oranges saved lives. […]

Spirit Food – Mushroom

ORIGIN Although mushrooms are often considered a vegetable, they are actually fungi that grow above the ground. They were most likely cultivated for the first time around 600AD in Asia. Archaeological evidence does show that many cultures around the world used mushrooms for ritualistic and sacred practices. The earliest depiction of entheogenic mushroom consumption dates […]