Healing Heart Disease With Energy Healing by Jerry Sargeant

My definition of Energy Healing is this. It is the assistance that the Creator (God, Source, Universal Intelligence – whichever label you decide to put on it), offers to your subtle energy fields, without devices, using a non-contact energy healing method, that utilizes the Creators Love (Divine Love). While today there are more health care […]

Energy Healing & the Darker Forces by Jerry Sargeant

The darker corners of spiritual life often provide fodder for scary movies, and stories that frighten us as children. But the dark forces of our nightmares have a basis in the real world sometimes we can even feel these powerful energies in our own bodies. Indeed, physical and mental illnesses often have spiritual causes that […]

Fastest Relief for Neck Pain

We have all at some point in our lives, suffered with neck pain. Neck pain can have many causes. The most common causes of neck pain are: Pinched Nerve – a vertebrae is out of alignment and impinging upon a nerve in the neck Whiplash – neck is injured by the trauma of being thrown […]

Best Anger Management by Jerry Sargeant

Anger can be a destructive emotion if not dealt with correctly. Studies show that people who have had a lot of hidden rage, experience frequent headaches, high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, and poor digestion. In fact, research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that there’s a strong link between hostility […]

Spiritual Activation: Activate Your Dormant DNA Codes with Light Frequencies

What is SPIRITUAL ACTIVATION? ¬† Spiritual activation is when one begins the process of expanding Light within the higher spiritual body; which makes up part of the auric field. Light is information. Not the kind of information most of here on planet Earth can interpret right now, but on a spiritual, intuitive level we know […]

Energy healing helps you thrive & not survive

Have you ever found yourself desperately wishing you could break free from the hamster wheel of merely surviving day to day rather than thriving radiantly If you have, you already know that it is one of the haziest¬†aspects of human experience you will ever find yourself having to face. It is hazy especially on your […]

Basic Energy Healing Technique

You can spend hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds or dollars learning to give energy healing or distance. However, it really is very simple to learn, but the secret to success is to trust and DO it. I would like to outline one very simple healing technique, called distance healing, by which you can send […]

Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing – How does it work? It’s simple. Love. Imagination. Intention. Knowing = Star Magic Add these four ingredients together and you are well on your way. I call it Star Magic and it works extremely well. We live in a world of energy and when you see beyond the illusion, deep into […]