Understanding Anxiety

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a manifestation of fear and it describes our feelings of unease or worry and it is related to our primal fight or flight response. It includes emotions and physical sensations we might experience when we are fearful or nervous. Anxiety is like the security alarm that your brain uses to […]

Spiritual Science and Infosomatics

Infosomatics and Spiritual Science Spiritual science has no doctrine or scripture. It is the study of all religions and belief systems, taking from them the best that each has to offer whilst respecting all traditions and belief systems. Infosomatics and spiritual science researches and presentsĀ a new paradigm in spirituality. This is one that is not […]

6 Tips to Be Spiritually Successful

Listen & watch and apply these easy to use tips into your life. When you do everything will start to flow. Life will be effortless if you let it. You are incredible and deserve to live an extraordinary life.   Subscribe to my You Tube Channel here Please share these messages with your friends and […]