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VIDEO: Alcyone/Lyran Portal Transmission | 12 Strand DNA Template Activation to Reverse Negative AI Tech

 Star Gates are opening and plasma energy is available containing ancient Lyran, Sirian and Pleiadian crystalline encoded keys to activate DNA templates within our DNA structure, to shift us from a double helix/2 strand matrix to a 12 strand or quantum 144,000 strand DNA crystal template structure to allow our soul technology, to expand […]

Channelling for Self-Healing

There are many ways to heal yourself. One of the most effective is channelling for self-healing. This gives you access to the power of your love and intention combined with the healing technologies of countless healing beings. Universal Cosmic Energy You live in a sea of subtle energies.  You have the ability to be conscious […]

2 Days Of Divinity, Bucharest, Romania

2 Days of Divinity – Deep Frequency Encoded Star Magic Workshop

Channeling Techniques

Do you know that everyone can channel? You are channeling when you align with your true self and express your true self in your physical life. To realize your true genius tap into your true essence and funnel aspects of that essence into your life. Many have done so including talented actors, musicians, artists and also great inventors, scientists […]

Ancient Origins

We have all wondered about our ancient origins. Have you also questioned why it appears that we are alone and what else may have played a role in our cloudy ancient history? Many believe we evolved from the apes and that is the end of story. Many others believe in some form of creation from […]

How do we Perceive Time?

Time is a funny old thing. Time is a human invention to describe the process of change we all experience individually and collectively. It also appears to have no beginning or end. Yet our perception of time often deviates from the physical nature of time. We experience time running slowly when we focus on it, […]

Celestial Light Fantastic

Celestial Light Fantastic On the night of 2nd October 2016, I went out and meditated under the star light in the clear starlit sky. I saw the ‘celestial light fantastic’, the network of light, wheels within wheels of codes, diagrams, simulations and symbols. It was so stunningly beautiful and stars appeared in the clear sky between […]

What is Reality?

What is Reality? Many believe that reality is what we observe, the physical and observable. Yet this is only part of reality and is the relative aspect of reality, the self-referencing and reinforcing sensory panorama we call space-time and the physical universe. There are many layers beyond which are more and more subtle and become […]

Tim Stokes interview by Tim Doyle

Radio Interview Interview was conducted by Tim Doyle on 20/09/2016. Interview released on Oct 02, 2016 on Mediumship Radio via Spreaker.  In this radio interview, I explain what Star Magic energy healing is and how it works, Tim Doyle asks questions on many topics including spiritual energies, UFO’s and communication from ET’s. Also, we discuss some of […]

My Experiences of Star Magic

Star Magic has changed my life and helped me pierce the veils of many illusions as well as assisting me with breaking out of the matrix of perception deception and ego-greed. There comes a time in my life when I say ‘enough is enough!’ and decide to follow new paths into the unknown, the unborn […]

Avatar of Synthesis

The high light energy of the Avatar of Synthesis is available to all who request it, and the energy is particularly powerful for those who are awakened and working with the highest aspects of the light. The Avatar of Synthesis is known by many names in legendary prophecies. These include the Kalki Avatar and also […]

Creative and Pleiadian Revelations

Feeling Homesick and Creative I often feel so lonely and homesick, and all I want to do is be creative. I look around me and see that my flat really needs a lot of work. There are many things I don’t use any more like the TV, computer games, spare towers, some books and much bric-a-brac. […]

Transformation Hiccups and Grounding

Feeling A Little Superhuman Now a little superhuman I feel more grounding and things are integrating better. It is honest to say that this is not a smooth process and I have experienced every emotion under the sun and by letting go more I can go further. Feeling fluxes and wefts as if multiple me’s in […]

Human to Superhuman

Becoming Superhuman Imagination is limitless and boundless. We create what we imagine. As with all phenomena, our thoughts arise from emptiness (Akashic memory, zero-point energy field, dark energy, Shunyata) and disappear into emptiness via the medium of the dark ether (dark matter). If they are powered by strong emotion they gain more power and persist longer. Collective […]

Sanador Espiritual

¿Estás buscando un Sanador Espiritual? ¿Quieres saber cómo un Sanador Espiritual puede ayudarte? ¿Estás buscando respuestas en tu vida y tienes deseos de desarrollar tu conocimiento espiritual? La espiritualidad es un viaje a través del cual serás capaz de conectarte con tu naturaleza real o esencia creando así una armonía entre tu mente, cuerpo y […]