Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

You can manifest your dreams into reality. To manifest who you desire requires intention, repetition and focus. It is important to be focussed with a clear intention while manifesting rather than allow manifesting to happen. This helps to narrow down all the possible potential outcomes that otherwise exist simultaneously. You manifest continuously in this reality. […]

Mind Control

If we are to have a happy and fulfilling life it is very important that we have control over our own thoughts and feelings. In our hectic modern society this can be quite a challenge. As we awaken from the long slumber of ignorance to our multi-faceted multi-dimensional nature we soon realise that we are […]

How to Control Your Emotions and Be Awesome

In this video, Jerry¬† discusses how tough it can be to battle against the maelstrom of human emotions. But.. you DO have the power to control your emotions. You have choices, you can make decisions, and you can choose practices to ease your way through turbulent thoughts, and make profound changes to the way you […]