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Video – Fractal Geometrical Universe. Will Aliens Save Us?

In this video, Jerry shares with you a message about aliens, and are they really going to save us? Why as humans, have we grasped onto this idea of ‘aliens’ and why do we cling onto this idea that we need other beings to save us because we are too weak to save ourselves? Will […]

Divine Experiences of August Two

We manifest the divine experiences and other experiences that we desire. We create we what we think, say, and do; and our karma is our action in the past, present and future. As there is only the now, the moment, it is about steering our ship in the direction of further enlightenment and the enjoyment of […]

Universal Epiphanies

Universal Epiphanies Looking at the four forces of nature there are distinct properties common to all plus important differences. They have directions (attractive, attractive and repulsive, repulsive), properties, range and net strengths of opposing attractiveness and repulsiveness, plus a unique property such as charge, mass, and spin. There are other forces (fields) such as negative […]