Katie, South Africa

‘Awesome. Extraordinary. Cosmic. I am blown away. Highly reccommend Star Magic to everyone.’

James, Australia

‘I didn’t believe it was possible. The things that are happening in my healings are godly. Thank you Star Magic.’

Lucy, USA

‘Since taking part in the training my clients have noticed how strong my energy is. They are healing so fast and not coming tio see me anymore. But this is a good thing. Now, I receiving enquiries from across the globe as my vibration is View Full →

Payal, India

‘I did one Star Magic Healing session on him and he is walking. Wow.’


‘I am smiling and happy for the first time since my divorce. Infinity has given me my life back,’


‘My entire lifestyle has changed. Thank you Star Magic. You have changed my life.’


‘The recipes are so easy to prepare. I am feeling so good. Infinity rocks.’


‘I love the ascension nutrition. I’ve lost 14kgs in 3 months. i feel amazing.’


I feel my my heart for the very first time.


Very deep, profound. My body was shaking from releasing. Thank You so much.


  Everytime I’ve connected to you I notice a shift in my reality. Thank you Jerry for helping me unlock my time traveling skills.


I feel 10 feet tall!!! your meditations are so powerful. I can’t wait to meditate in person at the February facilitator training.


I have achieved goal after goal since joining this library. First it was meeting a new woman, then a change in career. It has happened so fast. The frequency in these meditations is changing my entire life.


Being a left brain Maths Teacher these meditations looked way out there when I first visited this page. After coming back several times I bit the bullet and signed up. It has been the best decision I ever made. My life is changing. I am View Full →


Jerry takes you on epic adventure after epic adventure. My life is amazing and after just 2 weeks.


I now have a total galactic terrestrial presence above my head. This has happened since participating in the meditations.