Delia Zhang

Hi Jerry, thank you for using your incredible gift of yours to heal the entire consciousness movement. What a beautiful soul you are, I feel amazing after each session listening to you. My depression has slowly dissipated. It’s been my day 9 feeling awesome and still counting, and I’m going do this for your 21day […]

Ruth C

Second day of doing this I felt more emotional and felt my body vibrating. I also learned who the person is that my soul wants me to be with. Even if it’s on just a spiritual loving level. Thank you so much for this. Its changed my life. Thank You Jerry

Denni Penny

Dear Jerry, this is the first meditation I did of yours. You seem to be very special.. you are hypnotic, your eyes, they are freaking me out like literally seeing through me. Like some kind of different soul/being on Earth to awaken humanity to bring them to light. Thank you for your work in this […]

Elaine M. UK

Meeting St Germain in his mystery school was the making of my weekend. The shift that took place within me during this meditation was out of this world. I shook from head to toe and the light pulsating through me was so strong. My vibration has shot up. I feel so so good and so […]

Terry Matherson

‘One day my daughter was crying for an hour or so and looked completely terrified, yet nothing seemed to have happened. Jerry was able to tap into my son, tell me what was causing him anguish and clear the energy blockage. He calmed down very quickly and the struggle was over.’ Thank You Jerry

Gina USA

I just wanted to say I woke up this morning for the first time in a long while, feeling renewed, recharged, energized and filled with feeling that I can conquer anything…. Such a wonderful feeling Thank you, thank you, thank you…


I had a fall recently, broke my wrist and had dislocated my sacroiliac joints. I could hardly bear to walk. I had been to a chiropractor 3 times and paid over £100 with no success. During the night after taking part in your Star Magic Meditation, after tossing and turning, I suddenly felt a huge […]

C.Quinn – Ireland

Have to say 2016 was my best year yet..I thank my cosmic compass for finding you and StarMagic☆☆☆… blasted a lot of shit out of my life..I now feel so empowered more than I can say.. thank you Jerry for doing what your doing…you are a shinning star to us all reminding us that we […]

Katie, South Africa

‘Awesome. Extraordinary. Cosmic. I am blown away. Highly reccommend Star Magic to everyone.’

James, Australia

‘I didn’t believe it was possible. The things that are happening in my healings are godly. Thank you Star Magic.’

Lucy, USA

‘Since taking part in the training my clients have noticed how strong my energy is. They are healing so fast and not coming tio see me anymore. But this is a good thing. Now, I receiving enquiries from across the globe as my vibration is opening up.’

Payal, India

‘I did one Star Magic Healing session on him and he is walking. Wow.’


‘I am smiling and happy for the first time since my divorce. Infinity has given me my life back,’


‘My entire lifestyle has changed. Thank you Star Magic. You have changed my life.’


‘The recipes are so easy to prepare. I am feeling so good. Infinity rocks.’