Jerry Sargeant

TE. Fello – NZ

Namaste Jerry. I felt many things just prior to you saying them. Profoundly powerful, I feel empowered yet humble and it feels great. Thank You.

Jerry Sargeant

Elizabeth H- NYC

Thank you so much for what you healed. It amazes me! An enveloping sense of power and invincibility has come about. A typical trigger for the negative kundalini effects has come without affecting me. An old shoulder injury has disappeared. Tremendous!!! Thank you thank you View Full →

Jerry Sargeant

Isabelle – France

That healing was out of this world, Jerry. The physical sensations were so strong and I felt ice cold. I knew when you entered my space. Very heavy. And when you left it was like woosh. Huge and Intense waves of tingling /vibrating traveling up View Full →

Jerry Sargeant

Harbinder UK

Hello Jerry Just writing to send you the biggest love hug! Had the best and much needed meditation workshop ever. Feel full of love and back to being happy go lucky me. Thank you from all of my heart…….you delivered all you said you would View Full →

Jerry Sargeant


Thank you Jerry! The Crop Circle Meditation is sopowerful! Wow! My life started to transform and I am manifesting wealth and waves of abundance! But the most important thing is I am starting to see the power and the beauty in myself!

Jerry Sargeant

Nada – U.A.E

Hey Jerry, good morning from the Middle East. I Wanted to updated you because this is super awesome ! My knowingness has increased and my psychic sight is beginning to open up. Thank you so much.

Jerry Sargeant

Sabine Dubai

Just to update you regarding our last healing session, my relationship with my father is much much easier. I felt trapped and controlled before and now it’s a pure smooth and love relationship

Jerry Sargeant

Anne – UK

Hi Jerry I attended the workshop yesterday and it was an amazing experience, I just want to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for bringing your much-needed light to our planet, Mother Earth.

Gerrard B – South Africa

Awesome energy. I listened to your free Infinite Love Healing Meditation Jerry and it brought up some deep stuff. It wasn’t nice to feel it but once it shifted I felt so so good. I have been bouncing around on a different vibration ever since. View Full →

Katherine baker – UK

The frequency within Jerry’s voice and his energy transforms your own field. You feel light, energised and my over thinking mind goes quiet. I have been on several live calls and listened to a number of live recordings. They are like nothing else I have View Full →

Jay – London

I listened to the Crystal Cave of Abundance on Saturday and the shift that took place was overwhelming. I broke down in floods of tears several minutes into the meditation and I could feel the blocks in me release.  Thank you!

Louise K – Australia

On the days I listen to the  Star Magic Meditations, my anxiety and stress are replaced with calm and a sense of well-being. Now I don’t miss a live Meditation and the live recordings are just as powerful. ! Jerry has helped me shift from View Full →

Jerry Sargeant

Karina Olande

My body vibrated from head to toe when you started chanting. My gosh is was powerful, Jerry.

Jerry Sargeant

Miki Nguyen

Brother…. you are good! Outstanding meditation! Felt really good. Thank YOU and thank you Universe!

Jerry Sargeant

Denni Penny

Dear Jerry, this is the first meditation I did of yours. You seem to be very special.. you are hypnotic, your eyes, they are freaking me out like literally seeing through me. Like some kind of different soul/being on Earth to awaken humanity to bring View Full →

Jerry Sargeant

Ruth C

Second day of doing this I felt more emotional and felt my body vibrating. I also learned who the person is that my soul wants me to be with. Even if it’s on just a spiritual loving level. Thank you so much for this. Its View Full →