Jerry Sargeant

Delia Zhang

Hi Jerry, thank you for using your incredible gift of yours to heal the entire consciousness movement. What a beautiful soul you are, I feel amazing after each session listening to you. My depression has slowly dissipated. It’s been my day 9 feeling awesome and View Full →

Jerry Sargeant

Sarah sparshott

Wow I just drifted around the universes and I saw planets, stars, everything. My energy was extremely stuck before the meditation. It shifted instantly.

Jerry Sargeant

Julie Y

That was the most amazing meditation ever!!!! Thank you friend!!!! Love to you.

Jerry Sargeant

Beverly Monroe

OMG! That was so powerful. Thanks Jerry…Love and Peace~

Jerry Sargeant

Carla Stroijckens

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I couldn’t stop crying throughout the whole meditation

Jerry Sargeant

Michelle Shirley

Thank you so very much for your beautiful sharing and magical love. I use your Sacred Geometry meditation almost every day and the magical manifestation and beauty flowing through me is incredible. People in malls can’t stop looking at me, some rather strangely and others View Full →

Jerry Sargeant

Jose Cadiz

When you guided me onto the healing chamber inside the light ship my body shook from head to toe and burst out crying. Tears of joy. So profound. I didn’t know I could tap into these emotions. Jerry, what you do is beyond. A very View Full →

Jerry Sargeant

Mila Pecherskaya

I have been able to leave my body after listening to some of the meditations.

Jerry Sargeant

Amber Johnson

Hello, I hope this message finds you well, I have used your guided meditations and have had ET contact, vibration and energy is the bomb, love you, love your work, blessings old friend.

Jerry Sargeant


I’ve been feeling the coolest transformation inside of me this last week! I’m bursting with joy… about everything… Thank you Jerry from the bottom of my heart. My life is changing and I love it

Jerry Sargeant


I am speechless. Beyond anything.

Jerry Sargeant

Kim H

My infinite inner core exploded with joy

Jerry Sargeant

Angela B

Thank you for your fabulous healing you gave to me and molly you gave us our life back

Karen Organ

The relationship with my mum is amazing. We are best friends again. It?s incredible

Richard Dreer

It balanced me emotionally and after two sessions I felt complete. I don?t believe I?ve ever felt this whole before

Kerry Pellow

I felt my frequency rising. That is what Jerry did. Somehow he elevated my frequency