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Shape Shifting: An Meditative Art for Unlimited Potential

Despite the many stories about shape shifting over the years, shape shifting is still largely considered a myth and rather an impossibility.

shape shifting wolf woman

Is Shape Shifting Real?

But what if, you use shape shifting of your etheric body as a meditation tool?

People can then use shape shifting to shift perspective, experience change, and gain valuable insight into other realms of existence.

The question then becomes, is shape shifting real, and in what reality?

Yes. Yes, it is. In a broader etheric reality.

Beyond the Senses

In general, people only operate in a fifth of the broader reality of life. We’ve been conditioned to believe that only our physical senses tell us what is real. Anything beyond that is a myth or an impossibility.

metaphysical meditation

In fact, “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Niels Bohr

The world around is you alive. Alive in a way that delves beyond your physical senses and transports you into a world full of metaphysical awareness.

A Metaphysical Universe

“Even though we try to measure time and space and consciousness, it is not really able to be measured so we actually live in a metaphysical universe.” – Robert Lawler

This metaphysical universe is alive with Spirit – Consciousness. Awareness of spirit – consciousness allows one to feel connected to this broader reality.

metaphysical world

With this connection to a broader reality comes a reverence for all that is alive. An awareness of oneness, appreciation, gratitude.

Hence a knowing that all of life is sacred. To be cherished.

The Potential Benefits of Shape Shifting

So how can shape shifting of your etheric body be of benefit?

Can you imagine shifting into the shape of another animal or natural thing?

How the molecules of your body would shift and change..?
How you would see differently, or not at all with eyes..?
How your senses would pick up information differently..?

How would that effect your mind perception and paradigm?

Now you tell me what the Benefits of Shape Shifting would be:

shape shifting leopard woman

  • An ability to see the world through a different perspective which opens you up to more potential, such as uncovering your genius.
  • The ability to shift disease instantly via the metamorphosis of your energy.
  • An opening wide of your acceptance of the world. Minimising judgement and blame.
  • Allowing more of the goodness of the world into your life, such as abundance, health and wellness, great relationships, fitness and stamina.
  • The ability to read people and their actions more clearly through your heightened senses. An advantage in the business world and other areas of life.
  • Tell me in your own words what the benefits of shape shifting would be, in the comments below..

So how does one go about the meditation of shape shifting the etheric body?

shape shifting meditation

Good question.

Let’s meditate. Here’s 7 steps to shape shift with your etheric body:

Step 1. Get into a comfortable position sitting down and close your eyes.
Step 2. Take six deep relaxing breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Step 3. Imagine or sense yourself in a most relaxing and peaceful place.
Step 4. See your best self walking towards you and shifting shape into a creature or animal of your intention. Allow the formation of this creature to appear before your eyes as your best self is walking towards you.
Step 5. See your best self now as a creature or animal continuing to walk towards you and right into you. You absorb this creature or animal into yourself.
Step 6. This creature or animal is now you. Look and sense the landscape around you with these new senses. Describe them in detail to yourself. What it feels like to be looking out through new eyes. What you see with these new eyes. What you pick up with your new senses. How your new body interacted with the landscape.
Step 7. Continue this exploration for 20 minutes and when you’re ready simply open your eyes.

Your body will know to release the energies of this creature or animal form you took on once you open your eyes.

You will also be able to regain these senses simply by intending to do so. You may give your body a command to do so – “Let me see through the eyes of my ____”.

Be the change you wish to see in yourself.  When we journey together, we travel far.