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The Benefits of Short Meditations

The benefits of short meditations

Human beings have practised meditation as part of a healthy lifestyle for millennia. Meditation increases awareness of your surroundings, and of your body, breath, and mind.

You meditate to train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Meditation relaxes your mind, reduces stress, and facilitates the development of concentration and mindfulness.

You may have been put off from the idea of meditation just because you feel that you don’t have the time. The great news is that even a few minutes of daily meditation will benefit you.

There are many benefits of short meditations. A few minutes each day will help you to develop a positive mood and outlook, increase your self-discipline and promote healthy sleep patterns.

Scientific studies have shown that meditation, whether short or long, can promote significant changes within you. Brain scans and neuroimaging have shown that meditation causes changes in the brain that are related to enhanced concentration.

Some Benefits of Short Meditations

Short meditations are normally 15 minutes or less. You are unique and what you consider short may be very long to another.

A short meditation after you wake up in the morning will recharge you for your day.  One in the evening will help you unwind at the end of a busy stressful day at work.

Short meditations are ideal if you are on a busy schedule or if you become restless after a few minutes. Long meditations are great to do if you have the time and motivation for them.

Short mindfulness meditations can encourage you to reflect on the moment. This also helps you to step back from your life and make more rational decisions. Meditation allows you to take time out of your day and focus on the information available in the present moment.

Short meditations lower the amount of time you may focus on past memories or future worries. This psychological shift leads to less negative emotions and a happier outlook on life.

You Are Less Distracted

You are less likely to be distracted if you meditate for a shorter time. Short meditations are great for beginners as well as busy people. Staying still for long periods of focussing on one thing for a long time can be difficult if you are not used to this.

Meditation allows you to let go of your thoughts. During meditation, you learn to bring your attention back to the present moment. Distractions are going to come and you accept them so you can let go of them.

Short meditations are very useful if you are easily distracted. A shorter meditation may be just the ticket. A few minutes twice a day in meditation is great if you have trouble with focusing, experience physical pain, or struggle to sit down for a long period of time.

 Short Meditations Are Easy to Schedule

You may feel that your life is too busy for meditation. Finding 30 minutes or more to dedicate to meditation can feel impossible if you struggle to find a minute to go to the bathroom.

Two or three minutes of time out of a busy day to meditate will benefit you. The beauty is that you can do a few minutes meditation whilst walking, on the bus or train, or during your break to recharge.  During meditation, you take the pressure off your day and open up a new world of possibility.

A few minutes a day every day will get you into doing it every day perhaps at several times each day. This will open the door to wanting to do more. Then you try one or two long meditations a week.

You are more likely to get interrupted the longer your meditation is. Finding a quiet space for meditation when you are responsible for children or share a space with others can be very challenging. You may still find the time for a short meditation and you can also sneak off to the bathroom for 2 or 3 minutes if that is the only quiet time you can get.

You will Remember and Focus More

In long guided meditations there are often a lot of long silences. During those lengthy silences, you might forget what the meditation was about if you get distracted too much. You may drop off to sleep or start to wonder if the meditation has ended or not.

You are less likely to get distracted with a shorter meditation. Then you are less likely to forget what the meditation was about. Also, you are more focussed on the meditation itself knowing it will end in a few minutes.

You are training your brain like a muscle when you focus on your breath in a relaxed manner. You learn to regulate your emotions by raising your awareness of mental processes as they are happening.

You are less likely to Fall Asleep

You are more likely to drop off to sleep if you meditate straight after you wake up or just before bed. You may also drop off to sleep if you close your eyes because you are tired. Closing your eyes and sitting still for a longer meditation increases the chances that you’ll fall asleep.

Sleep is good for you and if you fell asleep while meditating then maybe it is the sleep you need. Falling asleep halfway through meditation means you get some but not all of the benefits of meditation. A shorter meditation builds confidence in your meditation ability while reducing the chances of you falling asleep.

Meditation is a perfect substitute for power naps. If you like to nap for a few minutes to catch up on sleep then why not try meditation instead. A few minutes focussing on your breath, with love at your heart or the clarity of your mind, can recharge your batteries and boost your cognition.

You Feel Free to Meditate More

When you meditate for shorter periods of time it opens the door for you to practice multiple times a day when you have more time. This is very useful if you meditate to reduce anxiety or stress because it allows you to practice whenever you need it.

Create a portfolio of short meditations that you can easily remember and do anywhere you can. Find a meditation short enough to suit however much time you have when you feel the need.

Commit your favourite meditations to memory, use an app, or do what comes naturally. Then you will access the calm and peaceful state that comes with meditation anytime, anywhere.


Short or long, meditation has the power to change your mood, your day, and even your life. Try a short meditation today – simply click here to go to the meditation library and pick the Short Meditations category.  Your doors of perception will open and you will be amazed by what you experience.