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The Force & Our Fractal Universe

The Force & Our Fractal Universe in All Things 

There is an energy or force that is everywhere, all around you and all through the universe, and inside of every cell and atom within your body. Also, all things are within all things, and everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies affecting realities of different octaves. Everything is all connected in a vast unseen web of communication.

It is our linear forward perception of time that allows things to appear really here as solid and substantial. Our perception creates a framework or structure so we can function in the constraints of 3D reality. We grasp onto a future we cannot see by holding onto the physical and emotional memories of the past. To perceive the non-solid nature of reality you have to expand your subtle feelings by stepping down into your heart and reign in the forward perception of your mind. This is easily achieved through meditation and clean living, and leads to inner calmness and silence as well as enhancing your psychic and energetic abilities.

Multidimensional Consciousness

Beyond this 3D physical plane of reality, or dimension, there is a multidimensional universe and a multidimensional consciousness lies beyond the mind. Deep within everyone there is an ancient memory of all this and so much more. This can be assessed once we let go and surrender to the possibilities of multidimensional hyperspace and sentient energy being and experiencing as each and every one of us and all living things terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.

The multidimensional universe is a large holographic system of light and fractal geometries flowing through eternal space. The multidimensional universe has endless memory storage and processing simulation stored everywhere in the light and the quantum inverted-point field that permeates everything. This is the database of all consciousness, part of which is the Akashic field. It contains endless packets of information, wrapped in an electromagnetic web of beauty, ready for us to discover and explore when our higher self and spirit guides inform us that the time is right, or that inner knowing occurs or maybe you get a visit from one of extra-terrestrial allies.

Flowing Fractal Light

You are a holographic system of fractal geometries and flowing glowing light. You are a spark, reflection and emanation, of the force of creation and a holographic reflection of the light of creation. You need to be brave and open to new possibilities and potentials to expand your consciousness. This in turn allows light and sound codes of consciousness to be downloaded and for you to experience energetic shifts in your consciousness and your perception of reality will evolve to see the full picture of our origin and destiny.

Imagine the multidimensional universe as one rotating and spiralling ball of light. Imagine that ball as being composed of smaller parts that are replications of this beautiful ball of light that all are smaller replications of the larger universe. The smallest particle within the system is the replicated image of the overall system and as such also contains the information of the overall whole. This is the holographic and fractal nature of reality.

The universal codes of light are within all things and all things are within it. These codes may appear to the imagination and psychic senses as flowing fractal geometries of light or holographic fractal codes of light and energy.

Vibrational forces and woven etheric strings describe the underlying nature of reality. There are many quantum forces and fields all describing different aspects of the whole interrelated system, the living universe. Everything is energy and that energy is felt as a universal force.

Star Magic Healing

Star Magic works on the energetic and quantum levels of existence, and therefore has no boundaries. There is no time or space between Star Magic, you and your Cosmic Inner/Master Self. Star Magic sends positive energy as ‘signals’ or ‘packets’ of healing information known as ‘light codes’ that interact with your own energy signature. This is contained within the intelligent light and sound codes that are constantly travelling through the ether. This improves your immune response, re-aligns and increases your self-healing and self-recovery response, and enhances self-regeneration potential.

Star Magic can transform you in all facets of life including your health and well-being, love and relationships, spiritual growth, and business development. Star Magic is your key to a world of natural abundance.

If you would like to book your Star Magic Energy Healing Session and start the process to becoming a healthy vibrant you, and giving yourself the opportunity to be free from the distress, dis-ease, condition, business or relationship block, then book your session with me now.

With Love and Energy,