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VIDEO: The Myth of Unconditional Love – Does Love Exist?


This week, I want to get deep with you and talk about the myth of unconditional love. Love is a word we use all the time, we can love anything from people to food to places to dog memes on Facebook. But what exactly is unconditional love? Most people think they know what unconditional love is, many people think they are capable of giving it. But are they really? Is it possible to love unconditionally without any expectation, in the society that we live in that is based on reciprocity? Can you love something and get nothing back without sacrificing part of yourself? And if so, how? Watch the video and I will tell you the truth about the myth of unconditional love, what it really means, whether it can really exist, and if so, how you can achieve unconditional love within your heart.


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