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VIDEO: The Truth About Enlightenment REVEALED! – How To Really Achieve The GOAL!


Watch my video to see the truth about enlightenment revealed! What exactly is enlightenment and what does it mean? Different religious groups and spiritual belief systems have their own ideas about what it means to be a human on this earth, and how we can achieve enlightenment, or become closer to God. Do this, follow that, meditate in a cave for 23 hours a day for 17 years, abstain from sex, the rules and regulations are endless. We are always being told that enlightenment is beyond our reach, and only through discipline, unwavering faith, and the suppression of our true human nature can we achieve that goal. To me, the message from these belief systems is clear: YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. If you do not achieve enlightenment the problem is you, you are too weak, too easily influences or undisciplined to become an enlightened being. I’m here to tell you that that idea is absolute garbage. It is a way of trapping you, oppressing your true human spirit. You can achieve enlightenment easily, and I will tell you how in this video. This one is a must-watch!


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