Through the Star Gate Seminar Training

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Through the Star Gate 

Seminar Training For Deep Frequency Encoded Meditation & Group Healing Seminars


This two day workshop is for Star Magic Facilitators that have been through the Advanced Frequency Upgrade  Connection to the Stars, Atlantis and the 13 Stones of Power Training.

Master Hologram

In this training you will be shown how to work on groups of human beings, through a central master hologram, whilst remaining completely energised, with zero interference from external forces.

Connection to your Star Gate

As well as facilitating group healing sessions, you will be guided to unlock the full power of imagination by connecting to your Star Gate. The Star Gate is your planetary home and once you open up to the infinite possibilities that lie at your point of origination, you will unlock the natural and inherent ability to facilitate Deep Frequency Encoded Meditation Seminars, through a master hologram.

This ability will enable you to heal large numbers of people at once, stream lining the healing process, therefore enabling you to have a much bigger impact on the world, and in turn the Universe.

During the other trainings there is still a small element of logicalness. Here there is none. You will have to play and dance with cosmic star dust, by becoming it. You will fully submerge into the underlying reality of the world we live in.


You will be asked to take the entire class through a Deep Frequency Encoded Meditation to graduate. This training is so much fun. You will have the confidence to unleash your own Star Magic to the world and inspire your fellow brothers and sisters to live a life of freedom.

You will also receive further one on one healing during this workshop where Jerry will integrate new soul technology into your human biological computer.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to facilitate a Deep Frequency Encoded Meditation Workshop. The first three you do will be with Jerry or another member of the Star Magic Facilitation Team. After this you can spread your wings and soar like an eagle.

Price: £900.00