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Time Travel

You time travel each moment you are alive. By being alive and living in the now, you feel the flow of change from one moment to the next.

Imagine being somewhere at another time. What would you do? Explore, talk to the locals, explore their culture, or look for technology to bring back home?

How do we Time Travel?

One way to time travel is by connecting with the universal energy field. When you connect with this energy you can guide your imagination anywhere in the past, present or future.  Set your intention to travel and start by developing your presence in two places at once using remote viewing and bilocation. With considerable practice, matter will flow to energy and this energy is transmitted from home to destination. At the destination, you flow back into your body and appear physical again.

Time dilation is a phenomenon explained by relativity. This is where time passes more slowly for you relative to someone else, for example when moving close to the speed of light or within the gravity well near the event horizon of a black hole.

A clock which is moving relative to you will run slower in your perspective relative to where you started from. As the clock approaches the speed of light it will almost slow to a stop. Then you can travel great distances and only a little time passes.

Also, you can travel forward in time at a rate four times that of a distant observer by residing inside a spherical shell with a diameter of 5 meters and Jupiter’s mass. Every one second of your personal time would correspond to four seconds for distant observers.

Time travel using wormholes is scientifically possible. If you can find or create a wormhole and travel through it you may end up somewhere else in this universe, in another universe, or travel into the past or future. The wormhole can exist anytime from the moment of creation. The trick is to create a stable wormhole that does not collapse during traversal. One way to do this is to build a Stargate like one of the gates in the TV series and calibrate it to travel in time as well as space.

Stargate Portal

Matter is energy. If this energy is disentangled from the influence of the Higgs Field, there is no force binding this energy to this universe. It can travel forwards, sideways, and backwards into similar but different universes. For example, you could travel to a parallel universe where your neighbour’s car is blue rather than red or you may register a glitch or Deja-vu.

It would be cool to observe yourself at different stages of life. You can become a younger version of yourself with the wisdom of an older you knowing which decisions to avoid because of past experiences.  Your timeline would change so you cannot normally return to the same universe. The ‘you’ that travels back and inhabits your younger body would now be living in a different universe.

Multiple Timelines and Dimensions 

You can change your course of destiny by making decisions and doing actions. If you travel back in time these actions may create a ripple effect that could change your normal reality.

If changes are made that have minimal impact, then timelines may repair themselves and retain their integrity. Otherwise a ripple effect may occur. This can affect other events or phenomena. It is like when a butterfly flaps its wings and the effects eventually creating a hurricane at the other side of the world.

Often parallel universes provide a way out of paradoxes. The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests that all possible quantum events can occur in mutually exclusive histories.

If you create or alter history you create new timelines. These may appear as cracks in time like a branching tree. Each crack is a new timeline created by your actions. The possibilities remain as probable or potential universes (astral realms) and are realised by being present and acting on a decision. Many time travel paradoxes can be explained by paradoxical events creating new experiential universes in the universal energy field operating at higher dimensions.

time machine

Quantum observation causes all possible realities to collapse into one observed reality. The past observed from the present can be determined because it has only one possible state. Alternative pasts exist as astral or imagined realms until a connection is made and etheric or physical energy transfers over.

Multi-dimensional information and energy travels through the ether. The ether (aether) forms a bridge between the physical, less dense energetic dimensions, and higher dimensions inhabited angels, ascended masters, enlightened beings, mythical and high-dimensional extra-terrestrials.

The present observed from the past has many possible outcomes. These potential outcomes remain until your actions cause them to collapse into what you observe. For example, you decide to go out and meet your future partner thus changing our course of events. If you stayed in, you don’t meet that person. Your actions may be seen to have been inevitable. This is because from your point of view and physical observation all other outcomes have vanished (or collapsed) into the ether. Time travel

Grandfather Paradox and Schrödinger’s Cat

Could you travel back in time to kill your grandfather? In theory if you have a working time machine you can. However, if you kill him then you are not born and cannot physically travel back in time in the first place. So, it would appear impossible to have killed your grandfather you did not exist to kill him.

The Grandfather paradox is solved by picturing an identical universe flowing away from this universe at the moment you kill your grandfather. Your grandfather is alive in the original universe and dead in the new parallel universe. You remain in the new universe because you existed in the old universe and travelled between them as a result of your actions.

The multi-dimensional universe of limitless energy has answered by manifesting a new physical universe by cloning the current one with one major difference.

Shrodinger Cat

This approach is also a solution to the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. In one universe the cat is alive and the other it is dead. Both universes occupy the same space and time in your three-dimensional space with your reality remaining real. Once the box is opened and the cat is revealed to you the ‘wave-function collapses’ and the other universe flows into the ethers and is lost in the astral void.

Bootstrap Paradox and Reality

In Doctor Who the bootstrap paradox occurs when a time traveler brings recordings of the symphonies of Beethoven back in time to Beethoven himself. Beethoven composes them from the recordings. So, who creates them?

Many variations of this paradox exist. Imagine if you astral project yourself back in time to share details of how to create the Christ Consciousness Grid. You also show others how to work together to create the grid too. Then it may appear that creation has come from the future.

It appears that we live in a bootstrapped feedback system that is sensitive to every individual and collective thought, word and action we have. We act on guidance and advice from our future or parallel selves.

Like a CD laser, your higher dimensional higher self is accessing your four-dimensional slice of the universe. From the fifth dimension, you point your awareness into anywhere in the past or future. Then you can share information, healing and energy with your physical selves and other living beings too.

Time Machines

A time machine is a machine that you use to time travel into the past or future. It may or may not also involve travel through space. Below are some examples of time machines from popular science fiction.

Classical Time Machines – HG Wells write ‘The Time Machine’ in 1895.  In the novel the inventor builds a time machine that manipulates the electromagnetic field around the traveler. This field moves from the current point in time and slides along the timeline into the past or future like a yo-yo on a string. A similar idea is used in ‘Back to the Future’ where the inventor creates a flux capacitor which allows traversal into the past and future. The film explores the various paradoxes and consequences to the lead characters.


TARDIS and Space Time Travel – In Doctor Who the TARDIS uses the space-time continuum, which is like tapping into the zero-point energy, to travel through space and time. The TARDIS can travel anywhere in the four dimensions of space and time. The Doctor is normally careful to affect the timelines as little as possible. Some timelines will collapse and others are conserved. The TARDIS can travel to changed futures where the timelines of other potential futures cannot be reached. It is restricted to a single time continuum or at best a subset of space and time streams. The great responsibility is in the freedom to change the past without creating undesired ripple effects into the future.

Wormholes and Portals – With sufficient resources you can create a time machine by entrapping an electromagnetic loop or vortex with a gravitational potential and create a torsion field. One end of the loop will form the mouth of a wormhole and the other end connects to some other point in space and possibly time. This is also the essence of Stargate travel in general. This works through a series of activation codes or symbols. A wormhole opens at both ends as a result.

Warp Drive and Subspace – Warp drive is achieved by folding the space in front of you so as to move in a bubble of compressed space.  A spaceship that overcomes the limitations of infinite mass at light speed can use such a warp bubble, or a warp drive like the one in Star Trek. This would travel vast distances in little time and can even travel back in time. It would not be subject to E=mc2 as the relative velocity of the spaceship in the warp bubble is below light speed. The velocity outside the warp bubble can be observed as many times that of light. At multiples of light speed, time is still moving at a normal rate while vast distances in space are covered because the craft is accelerating and decelerating within its own warp bubble. This bubble is like a pocket universe within the physical universe.

Merkaba – We all have a Merkaba as part of our light body. This consists of two tetrahedrons of light that counter rotate at light speed. Our Merkaba is controlled by our intention and focus. The Merkaba is powered by zero-point energy directly from source and rides along the currents of the ethers and astral planes. This is like a plane flying on air currents. Our Merkaba consists of counter-rotating tetrahedral geometries in the fifth dimension beyond those of space and time. When fully powered up by our focus and intention it can be steered anywhere in space and time. Merkiva (higher dimensional Merkaba) can also travel into dimensions with different spaces and times to our own.

Time Travel Devices – In Doctor Who a vortex manipulator is powered by energy that converts the body to energy and teleports it in space and time and then reconstitutes the body from energy at the other end. This is achieved by imploding space at one end and exploding space at the other end. Zero point energy can be used to charge the vortex.


There are, in fact many ways we can time travel. Whilst there may be undiscovered rules preventing time travel into the past, it will always be possible to project your consciousness anywhere in space and time. You can observe historical events and learn from them, perhaps communicating subconsciously with the people of those times.

You may relive events from past or parallel lifetimes and decide that changing the past is not a wise thing to do. Visiting the future would help inform you about the present and also perhaps indicate optimal courses of action for a desirable future to happen.

Being in the moment, present in our hearts, and powered by love and light and Star Magic, we can learn and apply our understanding of time travel with wisdom and compassion.

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I love you with my heart, with my soul, with every fibre of my entire being. Together we can make this world a much more harmonious place.