love yourself

Top 3 Reasons an Infinite Wisdom Journey Helps You Love Yourself

You may have grown a tad tired of the phrase love yourself by now.

Rather than inspirational talk, it has come to look like an advertising gimmick. Which is too bad since loving our beings and everything we represent is the first step towards improving the quality of life for others.

But what do we represent, after all? To this inquiry, my answer is always this: star seeds.

How come I reached this conclusion? It’s the result of many extra-sensorial encounters and contacts with ancient wisdom. This is how I met the power of the One Love, as well. And, believe me, just uttering it is in itself life-altering.

But I want more. I want you to realize the full effect of this wondrous gift of the Universe. This is where the Infinite Wisdom Journey originated.

What Is the Infinite Wisdom Journey?

This 18-day journey is my group frequency healing mega session of connecting with the Universe and with the Frequency of Love.

It will prepare you for a renewed lifestyle. A rejuvenated perspective upon life. An unleashed potential of the light you’re carrying within.

This journey is for those who:

  • are brave enough to look in the mirror and love themselves for who they are
  • know it takes work to build a stronger self
  • expect the best of themselves
  • want to commit to a long-term relationship with spirituality

But there are more reasons to join me in this path of rediscovery. I gathered just the 3 strongest of them.

love yourself

Reason #1

You will experience deep healing.

This will happen as my voice will be guiding you to a deep connection with your energy field.

This will enable DNA activation and increased aural activity resulting in unlocking those blockages which don’t let you love yourself. 

Reason #2

You will attract abundance all across the board.

First off, you need to know abundance will not come all of a sudden, out of a magic trickery I will perform during this journey.

Instead, you will gain a new mindset and your energy will be set to the Frequency of Love which is known to attract an affluence of positive vibes on multiple lanes:

  • financial
  • interpersonal
  • health

These are benefits you will create for yourself. Opportunities you will forge. Aspects you will be working upon.

I am just providing the right means for you to do so. But the power is entirely in your hands.

love yourself

Reason #3

You will perceive reality at a whole new level.

Enough with a unidimensional layer of perception. Enough with limitations.

Reality is much more than what you are allowed to know and this is one of the first aspects you’ll realize during your very first hour of frequency healing.

I’ll let you know about cosmic beings and cosmic truths which shape a completely novel existential layer.

Love Yourself to Love the Others

You’ll need to experience this 18-day healing process to realize how much your perspective will be changed and how much love you will be able to spread around.

You will see and love yourself according to your true nature: of light, of love, of infinite possibilities.

And then you’ll get the power to unabridgedly see the others as the same wonderful compound. As part of the One Family.

Let’s be one with the Universe and work towards being reunited under the same ultimate purpose of expanding light.