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Why It’s Important to Connect to the Cosmic Vibration and Live as One Love

Cosmic vibration is not something you’d be thinking of when life seems to put you to the test. When control seems lost.

Except, connecting to the celestial pulse IS one of the most important favours you could do to yourself.

Deepening your knowledge on the underlying laws of existence is not just an easy fix to your problems. Nor is it comfortable or quick.

It takes dedication and willingness to delve deeper (and completely differently than before) into yourself. Even though this road is not the easiest one to take, you are a being of immense potential, fully capable of exploring the depths of existence.

Just take a few minutes to read my words and see why you should really give a thought to accessing the cosmic seeds within.

The Law of Vibration – Core Aspect of Our Existence

Energy distribution within the cosmic matrix implies that, basically, we’re surrounded by a medium of infinite interdimensional potentiality.

Let me put it another way.

The quantum laws enable us to permeate different layers of existence. Different matrixes. Even different universes.

One of these quantum laws is the Law of Vibration.cosmic vibration

Underlying dimension for all the other chemical and physical laws governing existence, the law of vibration governs the law of attraction.

It’s because vibration and attraction are energy properties and are closely linked one to another. In order for attraction to manifest, it needs the energetic premise enabled by vibration.

These are aspects concerning the sub-atomic level, where it’s not about matter, but rather about a unified energetic field or the matrix.

All Is Cosmic Vibration. All Is Love

Man has devised countless concepts and ideologies, in order to cope with the imminence of death and the tribulations of day-to-day subsistence.

You could fill libraries with the works which outline philosophical systems or influential schools of thought. Read them all you want, you’ll only find sterile products of the mind if you don’t have the right tools to channel the knowledge inside them the right way.

Because, as intellectual as they are, they don’t help you disclose the simple, tangible truth of the One Cosmic Love – the one we inherently possess, but rarely know how to cultivate and spread.

When you express gratitude, love and generosity, you actually tune in to the cosmic vibration.

As your whole being is opening up to positive feelings, the energy levels start to align. Thus, your body and spirit are practically vibrating at the same rate with the cosmic mass.

This is what it means to live as One Love.

To be a part of the cosmic orchestra producing a symphony of ethereal energy flows.

One Love – One Word

One Love is a blissful state wherein we all work towards connecting to the others through limitless affection.

Rather than exploiting others’ energy by expecting to get something in return, we should enrich it by offering benevolently.

Rather than depleting others’ good vibrations by shutting them down, we should strive to empower them endlessly.

What I wrote above will be a second nature to you, once you comprehend the implication of One Love as a life-governing rule.

cosmic vibration

And at this point, I have one word for you:


One Love conveys the existential purpose we are all craving for.

Connecting to the cosmic vibration is akin to entering a purposeful life led by the 5 “E”s:


This, for instance, is what I’m striving to do with my energy healing sessions – connect with your soul, love your energy and channel it all the way towards complete serenity.

Will you want to partake in this wondrous ascension to regaining perfection?