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Top Tips for Energy Healing

Healing yourself is crucial for your spiritual path. Healing happens on many levels of your being and it is often a life-long process.

Your soul has incarnated to heal deep karmic patterns that are unique to you. Healing is a deeply personal path and it is completely different for everyone.

Energy healing clears and cleanses the energy circuits of your physical body. Energy healing unblocks your energy field. This encourages your natural healing mechanisms to be more effective. Energy healing also protects against future problems by identifying issues before they turn into pain in your physical body.

There are many ways energy healing can benefit you. You will find these top tips for energy healing useful whether you are healing yourself or using an alternative healing therapist.

Tip 1: You Are Connected to the Universe

Your body is like a rechargeable battery. It uses the Earth and the Universe to recharge. The Earth helps you to heal and provides you with everything that you need to survive. The Earth is part of the Universe and your body is part of the Earth.

You have a constant flow of energy from your feet to your crown. This flow of energy grounds you to the Earth and also connects you to the Universe and the source of creation. This divine healing energy nourishes your heart and soul as well as keeping your body alive and moving every day.

Tip 2: Learn Your Own Body’s Language

Your body is wise and wants to communicate with you. You may notice that your stomach tightens when you are around someone, or you may get heart palpitations when you go to work.

Begin to understand what your own body is telling you. Then you will know when to get yourself out of situations that are not good for you and also what you need to do to heal.

Tip 3: Eliminate Stress from Your Life

Stress removal is essential especially when you are in the depths of some serious healing. This is time to do as little as possible, and take lots of time to rest.

When receiving energy healing it helps to stay relaxed and remain in flow. You can avoid stress by not taking on new projects or responsibilities. It is also wise to call on everyone you can to try and support you during this period.

Tip 4: Love Yourself & Have Self-Compassion

You are a soul, a divine consciousness, and a being of love and light. You live your life as a human being to experience and learn. So accept your life here on earth and love yourself unconditionally.

Through your life journey you will unravel karmic and genetic patterns and face the truth about your past and who you are as a soul. It is challenging and emotional work to heal all aspects of yourself. Many people do not even wake up to the opportunity they have for this amazing work. Love yourself and reward yourself for the courage, effort and time you have spent on your path of self-healing and discovery.

Tip 5: Choose Your Healers Intuitively

A healer that works wonders for someone else may not be a great match for you. You can get an amazing healer from a recommendation from a friend or through an online search. You will want to check them out and feel their energy before parting with any cash.

Take the time to tune into your intuition and read the energy of the healer. This gives you a feeling that indicates if a certain healer is right for you or not. It helps also to speak to them before booking anything, connect with their energy via their photo, and read their testimonials from clients.

Tip 6: Never Give Up

Keep trying new healers, techniques, and modalities. If you are not making progress with one healer it might be time to try someone else or look for a different modality.

Your healing journey can be like a roller coaster ride. There are times when you need to change healers or try something new. It is also a balance between being patient for results and staying too long with a healer that is not right for you.

Tip 7: Do Not Overlook Trauma

Learn what trauma is and how it is stored in your body. We all have trauma to some degree and being in a human body is a traumatic experience. Something may happen in your life that triggers some deep-rooted trauma from childhood. If you don’t know how to deal with this then you may experience emotional and physical disease related to this trauma.

Trauma takes many forms and guises. You can release some trauma through intensive meditation, visualisation, and breathing. It helps to speak to a professional therapist about trauma so you at least learn how to identify it. Then it is easier for you or a healer to release it from your body and energy field.

Tip 8: Accept the Cost of Energy Healing

Most healers charge fees so they can live their lives or expand their business. Insurance policies often do not recognise alternative therapies including energy healing and trauma release. So payments for your healing may have to come out of your pocket.

Ask if you can exchange services. If you are an energy healer yourself, or have a skill or talent you can offer, ask your healer to see if they are open to a barter or exchange of services to offset the cost of healings.

Tip 9: Move On If Your Healer Has ‘Issues’

There are many awesome healers who have not healed themselves. They may be unaware that they are offloading their junk onto you. So say something or move on.

Move on from wounded healers that are projecting their issues onto you. Look for a healer that does ongoing personal development and looks like they have their life together.

Tip 10: Journal your progress

Use a journal to help you see how far you have come on your healing journey. It helps keep a record, aids your memory, and assists you to look for patterns.

You may uncover patterns from this life and also from past lives that reoccur. A journal gets your attention so they can be healed. For example, you may attract alcoholics in your life because you had a parent that suffered from alcohol abuse. Once healed you never have to deal with that situation again.

Tip 11: Keep Digging Deeper

A good healer should dig deeper and deeper into the past and into your psyche to unravel the layers. It is easy to get in a routine with a healer. If you feel good with your healer and your life isn’t changing, then the healer may be stuck in a rut or they cannot take you deeper with their healing.

Enjoy your healing journey. Be grateful for how things are and work to make them how you want them to be.


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