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Transform Your DNA

Your DNA has all the information it needs. This includes the blueprint for who you are and the instructions for who you will be.

The DNA you are born with is only part of the picture. More and more scientific research is proving that you can transform your own DNA with the power of your own mind.


Epigenetics is the science that studies how biological systems are affected by forces beyond DNA sequencing. These forces include environmental, intracellular, and energetic factors. From the 1950s scientists have accepted that epigenetic influences are crucial for your development.

Epigenetics goes beyond genetic determinism. Genetic determinism is the belief that everything that you are is controlled by the genetic code. This includes your physiology and emotional traits, and also you have no control over even our behaviours and emotions. These ideas are being proved incorrect.

Researchers have shown that epigenetics goes beyond the physical DNA. Your genetics are affected by where you live, how you feel, the climate around you, and life’s hard knocks.

Love with Your Heart

HeartMath research has proven that your thoughts, feelings and intentions affect your DNA. After two decades, researchers say that love, joy, anger and anxiety also influence and alter how your DNA blueprint manifests into reality.

When you have negative emotions or think negative thoughts you will experience stress. Then your body’s energy is sent to confront the stresses these negative thoughts and feelings create. This means there is less energy for repairing and regenerating your biological body.

You activate the power of your heart through love, commitment and positive action. Your heart will produce electrical energy that reflects sincere feelings such as appreciation, care and joy.

By consciously choosing a positive feeling moment by moment you ensure continuous renewal of your mind, emotions, and your entire body. The more you practice meditation and mindfulness the more competent you are with shrugging off stress and illness in the future.

Changing DNA through Intention

You influence your body all the way to the cellular level. All you need to do is to intentionally think positive thoughts and focus on positive emotions.

HeartMath researchers have shown that human intention can physically influence DNA strands. In an experiment, a volunteer holding three DNA samples generated heart coherence. This is a beneficial state of mental, emotional, and physical balance and harmony.  A HeartMath technique was used for synchronised heart breathing with positive intentions. The volunteer intentionally unwound two of the DNA samples to different sizes and left the third unchanged all at the same time.

The experiment shows that intention can alter physical aspects of DNA molecules. The researchers say that when volunteers have a greater ability to alter the shape of DNA when in a heart-focused, loving state. They are in a more coherent mode of physiological functioning.

Control group volunteers showed low ratios of heart coherence. When they tried they could not intentionally alter the structural shape of DNA.

Heart Intelligence

Doc Childre’s theory of heart intelligence says that anyone who can maintain heart coherence can produce changes in their DNA. This implies that anyone can influence and control their DNA.

You heart generates a much stronger electromagnetic field than your brain. Your heart’s electromagnetic field binds together the higher dimensional structures to the body’s DNA and physiology.

There is an energetic connection and transfer of information between DNA in cells and higher dimensional structures. These are the etheric or light body connecting the higher-self and spirit.

Childe also says that the heart is a key access point, a portal.  This allows information originating in higher dimensional structures to flow into the physical human through their DNA. This connection and flow of information increases the most with heartfelt positive emotions.

You can Change your DNA with your Mind

The health of your DNA is given by measuring telomeres. Telomeres are stretches of DNA that cover the ends of your DNA strands. They are like the protective tips that cover the ends of shoelaces.

DNA would become damaged and tattered at the ends without telomeres. This is like shoelaces starting to fray without the protective tips.

Telomere deterioration is believed to be the key as to why ageing affects the human body. This is like the protective tips wearing away leaving a frayed mess at the end.

Research studies have also shown that regular meditation or mindfulness practice will maintain telomere length.  Meditation and mindfulness practices preserve telomere length.

Telomere preservation can be enhanced by an enzyme called telomerase. Telomerase directs the addition of DNA to the ends of the chromosomes.  Mindfulness and meditation increase telomerase.

Telomere preservation is also achieved by reducing cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that increases inflammation and causes other dysfunctions of the body. It is a medical fact that inflammation is at the root of chronic disease and pain. To help you to eliminate cortisol be mindful and eat and exercise healthily.

Transform your DNA by meditating on the universal love you feel in your heart. Then feel your connection with all that is in each and every moment.


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