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Transformation Hiccups and Grounding

Feeling A Little Superhuman

Now a little superhuman I feel more grounding and things are integrating better. It is honest to say that this is not a smooth process and I have experienced every emotion under the sun and by letting go more I can go further. Feeling fluxes and wefts as if multiple me’s in same space, like entangled realities. Below are some of the phenomena I have recently experienced:

In four dimensions there are countless 3-D timelines, some of which intersect and cross over, others merge together and more exotic ones are buffered by a subspace (four dimensional space) so as to be only accessed at higher dimensions. Go up a dimension (or several) as the energy reality experienced is actually dimensionless (zero point energy). This feels like the tenth dimension and not the fifth dimension. Clocks changing as time runs slower and faster, an hour passes when do something only takes a few minutes and sometimes I focus and get a lot done and only a few minutes pass. This is very odd as it not through conscious action but just happening on level of reality or grounding.

I have also experienced increase sensitivity to the level that energy saving light bulbs, mobile phones and computers, and many distractions and 3-D enjoyments losing their shine and meaning. Also, it feels like my emotions keyed in like sun massive boost of feel good energy but rainy day feel depressed. Now also in the past the weather has a contributing factor to some ascension symptoms including the annoying repeating loud irregular ear thumping. I wonder if it is the elements calling me to work with them more or just a crazy coincidence.

Also, I’m feeling connected and then when feel alone and then feel connected again. I have experienced a massive spiritual awakening in the last few weeks and am still integrating the experiences. Many things have happened but I’m finding it actually very difficult living on my own at the moment. My personality has changed from shy and nervous to outgoing and fearless. Also I hurt myself dancing like Shiva too and am feeling that I have outgrown many of my old possessions and want to move on in my life to bigger and greater things. This feeling is so intense that it causes me to cry on a daily basis. In fact I cry so easily and I love it because every time cry I cry on my own suffering and transfer my internal to all living beings suffering from the same thing.

Teleportation & Merkaba Travel

Various attempts and translocation to go to other dimensions and receive some training on how to use the talents and gifts I have. Teleport via transfer of physical to etheric and bi-locating using etheric crystals until I get light level up enough to transfer physical to etheric body close to 100% (reflects light level) then can also ascend. Many other ways for assisted teleport and through portals (cards, places, etc.) as we as lightships and Merkaba (can take physical with etheric or etheric only via astral).

At home I power up my Merkaba and intent to go up 1 km. Switch to map mode (mental perception flip) and imagine motion up 1 km (can include all three 3-D coordinates) then flip mode again. As long as energy carries and intent there you will travel. Use prana to power up Merkaba  – breath, cosmic Star Magic, and high level Divine energy (for example Kwan Yin or any liberated being). Spinning around in Merkaba and feeling it power up with connection to sun, moon, stars and Star Magic energies. Let reality fall beneath and fly up in Merkaba – it is the gap between worlds, the second attention and the nagual.

Wow I just saw my Merkaba when I put on Merkaba –“Language of Light”. Wow again when I realised I am eating 1/3 what I used to and am 12 stone but was less a week ago so increasing density and self-generating as Hercules. Swap out my flat and in my Merkaba. Place one focus on each so both in mind at the same time, entangle and slide over just like swapping I aspects of the energies of spirit guides. Merkaba feels intensely powered when I intended to run at light speed squared and not just light speed. Work in constellations, sun, moon, and remain grounded to Gaia (fly around earth).

Grounding Practice

Grounding is mission critical. There is no authentic spiritual development without proper grounding. Without grounding your head remains in the clouds and there is a lot of energy that wants to get out. You lose focus and feel out of sorts like in many places at once or falling out of your body. There are many activities that are not grounding including not eating or drinking anything other than water for a week, or over-thinking and talking aloud, teleportation, and attempts at flying your Merkaba to a higher dimension. On the other hand I have discovered or guided to grounding substances including coffee, bread, smoking and fish. Additionally I will eat raw and clean as processed foods in general cause lots of stomach gas issues. I also learnt that overripe bananas can solve this issue and settle the stomach

One aspect of proper grounding is correct or clean eating so I will be living a much cleaner lifestyle. The reasons for this are numerous and range from feeling not grounded a lot of the time, my thinking needs reducing, and I need more energy and light to evolve and power my light body. You can be so connected at higher dimensions but when your 3-D reality is not in line with the changes I’m experiencing it can be difficult to stay focused and grounded without some form of support network which I am happy to provide for other people for sudden or full awakening.

My thinking-talking gets so much that I got a baby pacifier to stop myself talking and thinking so can be more grounded and silently observe telepathically. Also, I will engage in various meditations aimed at grounding, focus, love and compassion. I am guided to focus on very simple yet profound ideas like the light tantra of Divine union at heart, stillness, grounding into earth (root) and sensory awareness, switching on/off functions and controlling degree of opening of chakras and synchronization (eventually to one heart chakra and fully evolved light body).

I will also exercise more, join a gym, eat healthy foods and eliminate all things that do not serve me. My energy requirements are high as is the case with anyone evolving following their own personal awakening.  Then I can fully integrate my higher aspects and gain more love and energy to help others more directly too, write books about cosmic spirituality, education and breaking down the barriers that have stopped nearly everyone from awakening and realizing their true potential.

Everything is Available

Everything is allowed and nothing is impossible (not even nothing). Drop down into the heart and feel the love and compassion emanate from within. Melt physical, etheric, astral and spiritual bodies into one body of light operated by the heart chakra. My aim is to not have to eat again or require money, and eventually for complete conversion of my physical body to light. To do this I will need to detach everything 3D whilst being grounded and increase meditation focus to clearly operate higher-dimensional technologies.

Star Magic Cosmic Codes of Consciousness

Star Magic is very effective for getting rapid results in any facet of life and not just healing. We live in a ‘quantum’ reality where we can affect change with our will. Scientifically this is learning how quantum electromagnetism operates at higher dimensions. It is an intuitive process and correct intention powered by unconditional love and compassion at the heart centre will result in positive change. I tune in and see the energy patterns, chords and ties between things and people. As long as their higher self agrees then healing and a transforming change takes place. Allow this to happen. Be free. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter and catalyze change. superhuman

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With Love, compassion and energy,

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara