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VIDEO: Truth In These Uncertain Times – Choose Love and Unity


In this video, I share my thoughts, feelings and the truth in these uncertain times. Yes, things are crazy right now. No one has ever experienced the impact and ramifications of this level of the global pandemic, of the Coronavirus before. So many people are in fear and panic, due to isolation rules, or concerns about how this virus will affect their health, and the health of their loved ones. But I’m here with a message of hope and positivity. I believe COVID-19 is a massive opportunity, to come together and unify as one human family. We are seeing it already, beauty and magic unfolding within this chaos. We’re seeing it in other countries, on the balconies in Italy, we’re seeing it in our own towns and cities. We are remembering our place in our communities, we are coming together to help and protect the most vulnerable in our society. We are being forced to be present and reconnect with ourselves and our family, to develop and rewire our relationships. We are being reminded of what is really important and what the true key is to our happiness. We are being reminded that the world’s most valuable commodity, is one that has no price tag. And that commodity is love.

I urge you to choose love and unity over panic and fear. Everything carries a vibration, and if you choose the higher frequency of love and unity, you will transcend the frequency of fear and hate. You will transcend the frequency of the Coronavirus.

I love you with my heart, and soul, and every fibre of my being. Accept the love and raise your frequency. Stay safe brothers and sisters x



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