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Tune in to the Love Frequency and See how Your Life Will Improve

You are vibration, you are unbound energy, you are light traveling through particles.

How many of us are aware of this basic truth?

There are only a few inquisitive minds which dare to go farther than the standard answers.

Even fewer get to know more about the Love Frequency dictating the universal dynamics.

Many times, have I mentioned a concept I strongly believe in – One Love. Now, it’s high time I elaborate more on the subject.

First on the list, let’s talk about sound as a befitting medium for transmitting the One Love.

What Is the Love Frequency?

Also known as the “miracle” tone, this is the 528 Hz frequency, part of the 6 sacred Solfeggio tones which are:

  •  UT – 396 Hz: guilt and fear liberation
  •  RE – 417 Hz: the change facilitator
  •  MI – 528 Hz: transformation, love and miracles (DNA Repair)
  •  FA – 639 Hz: an aid to human inter-relations
  •  SOL – 741 Hz: for awakening and intuition
  •  LA – 852 Hz:  for alignment with the Spiritual Order

These tones are believed to have instituted the medium which further enabled the creation of the Universe.

For having enabled the matrix of creation, they can be considered the heart of all existence.

love frequency

A Universal Healer

Apart from Light, Sound is a primal element which resides at the core of life forms. It is also an energetic flow.

The love frequency, in particular, carries original harmonies which replicate mathematical perfect proportions – that’s why it is utilized in sound healing. Each of the 6 sacred tones has numerological significance.

This kind of healing deals with sound manipulation aimed at mending psychological, emotional and physical wounds.

The rationale behind this concept is that sound frequency can shape other forms of matter. Especially water, of which we’re made of up to 60%.

This aspect being well researched, 528hz has even become the sound frequency used in some DNA repair research.

As a matter of fact, what we know as miracles can often be something else – DNA repairs which happen at the quantum level.

Star Magic Healing Employs the Love Frequency

Many of the extraordinary souls I had the chance to help, told me my voice was soothing and supportive at the same time.

It’s because I try to tune it in to the Love Frequency and this way operate DNA pattern changes. This is what conveys my voice the transformative power so many people have experienced.

love frequency

It’s essential that I use this frequency since this enables me to guide your soul towards opening its chakras and abandon itself to the cosmic dimensions.

Indeed, it may appear a bit far-fetched that DNA can be changed only by aligning a healer’s voice with the Love Frequency. But remember, the cosmic laws are less complicated that we’d think. It’s just that we don’t perceive them as obvious, which makes them more obscure.

Grant yourself the opportunity to hear what this healing frequency sounds and acts like, with one of my guided meditations.

My strongest desire is that we all get to connect and heal to the One Love, so I am waiting for you with utmost hope.