We Are All Enlightened

You Are Enlightened. You are a spark of divine light inseparable with the light of creation that lies beyond space and time in the eternal now.

You are a child of original creation. We are also creator beings with unique skills and talents and a soul purpose.

You carry the light of creation within you. You have forgotten that you are so much more. We awaken in this lifetime to remember different levels or frequencies of our soul. This includes remembering being the source of all creation!

You are free of all limitation and have free will. We all agreed to have this precious human life and experience the illusion of separation on earth. As we awaken we become wiser and in tune with our environment and the unconditional love of the universe. Then we act and share with the world by putting our words into action.

Enlightenment is pure everlasting inner peace. It is also complete acceptance, unconditional love and serenity with oneself.

You are the light within and the light beyond. Your experience of enlightenment will be unique.

You are never alone and have many beings guiding you and show you how loved you are. When you are on a lower frequency you don’t feel them and it’s easy to feel like you have been left. People who commit the most negative actions like killing and stealing also have their guides and angels tirelessly helping them awaken into love and wisdom.

You realise your own enlightenment by letting go of all conception and perception. Be in the moment abiding in your own light. Find your light within. You may picture it as the divine spark in your heart. All external paths are merely guides, triggers and experiences of which none can be fully relied on.

Know you are clear pure light in the field of universal love. Focus on your heart and feel this through every fibre of your being. This feeling is so liberating, magical, fun and inspirational.

You are not your body, emotions, environments, or the projector of your life. You are the light that shines through. Everything else is smoke and mirrors which distract and misguide your imagination creating stories and scenarios.

You are not limited by your body, mind, feelings, or sensations. You are a transmitter and receiver of multi-dimensional information and energy. 

Remember your own enlightenment by realising and loving your light within. This is love that you feel which has no limitation or conception. This is a direct awareness abiding in your clear light within and is powered by universal unconditional love. It is your divine spark flowing through your light body and your physical body as the vessels for it. This is like the electrical current which flows through your body.

Bring in more and more of your light by looking after your physical body and your light body. Also watch your mind moment by moment. Be present to all thoughts and feelings. Then relax and ask the universe to show you your light body. Your light body lights up like a Christmas tree and you see the areas that need working on.

No More Smoke and Mirrors

Be present to each moment and feel the energy around you. Break through the mirrors of perception and clear the veils of smoke so you are not trapped in the fields of illusion.

See things as they are and not as others project them as. Then you are no longer controlled like a mindless puppet, meaning making machine, or robot.

Surrender and align completely with source energy, the light that runs through us all.

Then the layers of reality open up like a flower. You see how you imprison yourself in the collective illusion and also how you create whole realities for your imagination and project these into into reality.

There is no past or future. There is only the present. So operate in the present moment. Clear your mind from thoughts and memories.  Now focus your imagination into constructive activities.

Then step into your power. Utilize your limitless potential and emanate positive transformation through cultivating your talents, speaking your truth, and being authentic in all you do.


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