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We Are All Extra-terrestrials

We are all extra-terrestrials. Our elements are forged in explosions of stars. We are born of stardust, feed on starlight, and share our information with the whole universe thanks to quantum entanglement.

We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Existence

A developing soul requires various experiences to mature and develop its consciousness. So souls decide to incarnate on Earth and learn from a first person perspective by living and experiencing in a human body.  To become a fully rounded soul requires this sort of evolution of spiritual beings through earthly experiences coupled with spiritual development for each and every spiritual being.

Most spiritual beings living as human beings are going through a similar process of evolution on Earth. This is where living beings are not born consciously aware of where they came from. So human beings need to engage in regular daily conscious spiritual practice to remember who they truly are and to free themselves and ascend to other and higher modes of existence and expressions of divinity.

Human beings will in time mature and become conscious enough to evolve into higher dimensions. We are given the experience here in order for them to start remembering their full and true potential. We are extra-terrestrial beings having a human existence and this is natural. Souls incarnate as human beings to further their understanding of earth or their own world experience, or live life in lower densities. You may also long to return home to a higher dimension where you have been created.

Blinded by Light

Your physical body is terrestrial but your soul is extra-terrestrial. The human body that your physical parents gave you is the vehicle you use. You are the soul, created in the creator’s image using the human body manufactured by your parents and grown to be ready for you to use. Souls enter at a baby’s development and leave the body when the body dies, and may enter and leave at other times with dedicated spiritual training.

A new awareness cycle of thousands of year’s duration is now commencing. New information, science and technology, and better comprehension periodically transform mankind into more conscious beings. The world is a complex sequence of cause and effect. We fail to see or visualise the simple underlying principle of all things due to the seemingly infinite multiplicity and complexity of the world.

When humanity knows enlightenment, we will know no limitations but we must know the light within ourselves. We must want to know and to experience it ourselves. Let ourselves be blinded by it!

All Knowledge Exists

All knowledge exists, is available to us all and will come when needed. Enlightened souls and messengers periodically come, share and share universal knowledge. This is shared to the extent that we are able to comprehend and only that we can bear at the current time or mental capacity.

An intelligent human being has only the knowledge of the effect. However, all real knowledge and understanding lies in the cause. New fundamental laws and principles must be based upon knowledge of the cause. The beginnings of our culture have sprung from a few rare prophets, mystics, ascended masters, and geniuses who have come to re-inspire mankind with their insight and knowledge.  Without them there would be no understanding of beauty and inspiration in this materialistic world that feels so real and claustrophobic.

Conscious Free Will

Humanity is barely out of the dark of the jungle of ignorance and many are still entrenched in the dark cloak of their own ignorance. In the last few thousand years, a few of us have been aware of the conscious awareness or spirit inside. Centre self and manifest the creator as one with it. Learn that bodies are like machines and do not live nor die as such. They repeat themselves continuously and forever as the conceptual mind likewise repeats itself each life. There is no dead, ever. The body was never alive. It is a machine that gets life force prana and instructions from the temporary soul consciousness piloting it.

Free will is a gift to everybody. It helps to avoid ensnarement in orthodox religion. Followers become the effects of other people instead of making their own cause by being creative, and by being loving co-creators. Make up your own mind about what is real and good and what is not.

There is so much good in all of us so use it unselfishly and with unconditional love toward everybody without being naive or gullible. If something doesn’t make sense it is nonsense, or is it? You won’t find if you don’t search. Light will not come from others. Light is already there waiting to escape from within your own consciousness. Feel with your heart and let your inner light pour out and illuminate more and more of your world and the worlds beyond.

Yes, we are extra-terrestrials.

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