We are Mortal and Immortal

Mortality and Immortality

We are mortal and immortal. We are one with all that is. We are light beings of pure energy.  We have all lived before as other living beings because we form part of the interweaving web of sentient energy that permeates all that is, a single moment of trans-dimensional awareness and its eternal unfolding. We exist in every point of every space as fluidic energy that transforms and shape-shifts into myriad expressions of itself. When we die we return as time does not exist and only its perception exists when we are alive and the cycle of existence is without beginning or end. All permutations return with variations that are created through different decisions and by countless entangled versions in parallel and perpendicular realities in the physical and spirit realms.

To save the eternal despair and madness of the immensity of it all, source awareness decides to split into individual awareness and, with the assistance and consultation of Arcturians and other designated ascended and advanced spiritual beings, we may choose to instil an agreed amnesia to funnel the illusion of mortality and individual separation into each rebirth to keep each life new and immersive. Then we are born and grown up playing around with various karmic cycles for the maximum fidelity of experience. Our human life is so precious and we learn from the mistakes we make in the process of life and living. Through our actions and efforts, an experience may occur that is like a precious diamond and which makes the whole thing worthwhile and adds richness at all levels. We rejoice when a soul loves another soul unconditionally, a starseed awakens and transcends the dogmas and restrictions of social conditioning, or a spiritual practitioner realises their own nature.

We  Are One

Ultimately we are one, immortal, empty of inherent existence, and everything in our reality that is projected out of energy is just mere illusion. The wheel of life, the perpetual existence of rebirth known as samsara, may appear to have no beginning and no end. It helps all other living beings to choose to become the vessel of love and compassion to show an example through enlightened words and deeds to be a shining light for those who are suffering. Life can be as beautiful or as horrific as individual minds project their holograms of light and interact with each other and the world. There is only true stillness that bathes in the unfathomable sea of love and light.

Take a deep breath down to your belly and feel with a single-pointed blissful focus on the beauty of all existence, a complete psychedelic picture of pure energy encompassing all knowledge and phenomena. Be source energy, the creator, still and watching all that is unfold. It is the accumulated experience of oneness and all appearance and conception in one moment whilst maintaining a seed of individual awareness. This is ultimate bliss without time, space or thought. There is no body, mind, form or construct. It is a feeling or perception that is eternal and instant at once, the ultimate present moment. This is also the lack of awareness, the bare void that releases all appearance and conception of existence. Breathe in the light of oneness and breathe out the darkness of emptiness (void). Both are two sides of the same coin, the yin and the yang in perfect balance and harmony.

Eternal Immortal Beings of Energy

Traditionally, immortal beings are pictured bored because they have experienced everything many times already including all living modes of existence. This is a picture built on our limited perception and experience of time. In reality, soul awareness is either in a formless state in spirit (the non-physical) where time is malleable and not fixed. This is where an instant is an eternity but as everything is energy, even dimensions, such as time, can be chosen to sequence events for experiences and learning without the need for physical forms or constraints.  You can create your own heaven or hell. It is all a matter of perception and how you spin your multi-dimensional energies.  Yes, you can also create the illusion of another physical existence on earth or choose to re-join the matrix we are all in at the moment through rebirth through the veil of amnesia. Whatever you think or believe manifests so a high degree of mind control through meditation in this life helps.

In meditation, remaining without thought and experiencing what unfolds without attachment you can remain in formless awareness that is still and blissful in a moment that spans all of existence knowing that all is perfect and in balance. This is like the formless state of nirvana or ultimate bliss or the perpetual now where one moment holds an eternity but is all that is, everything and nothing, all realised and perfect. We have both. There are also living beings, such as many angels, who either choose not to be reborn or cannot experience physical incarnation and the illusion of mortality. Remember energy cannot be created or destroyed – it can only be transformed from one form into another. We are all energy. Energy is all that is. Energy is immortal.

Star Magic is with us all

Energy is within and around us all the time, but our consciousness enables us to activate it and make it vital. I usually need to reiterate to people that just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can’t see air, but we know we breathe it to keep us alive. We also can’t see electricity, atoms, electromagnetic fields, sound, radio waves or the weather, yet we can see or hear the indirect results of these in physical form. Everyone’s perception differs and an increasing number of people are able to perceive things using extra-sensory perception that others may not. Today, more and more people are able to perceive energy in some way and know it as a very tangible phenomenon. Following your intuition is a simple way to start.

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With Energy,