Weekly Meditation Group

Weekly Meditation Group

Free for Infinity Members!

If you are an Infinity Member the access link will be sent to you at the start of the month.

Each month you will receive a new access link for the coming months Meditations.

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Star Magic Weekly Guided Meditations and Energy Activations

We are going to be offering one Live Weekly Guided Meditation and Energy Activation to the Star Magic Tribe!

We will gather once a week to heal, transform, share, upgrade and elevate our vibration as a tribe and expand our consciousness as a community.

After the massive success of our Infinite Wisdom Healing Journeys and the deep connection the Tribe formed, we’ve decided to offer this consistently to bring us all together. If you attended our IW Journey’s you will know the bond that was created as we expanded, healed and laughed together.

The focus will be on amplifying your frequency, activating and increasing the potential of your pineal glands, healing and switching on your DNA. These energy activations will turbo charge your immune system and will be an incredible opportunity for the tribe to come together and have fun on a regular basis!

Free for Infinity Members!

If You are not Infinity Member – Your investment will be £14.99 a month for all weekly sessions!

We will set the months dates at the start of each month.

July dates will be:

Wednesday 14-July-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 21-July-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 28-July-2021 6:00pm UK TIME

August dates will be:

Wednesday 4-Aug-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 11-Aug-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 18-Aug-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 25-Aug-2021 6:00pm UK TIME

September dates will be:

Wednesday 1-Sept-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 8-Sept-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 15-Sept-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 22-Sept-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 29-Sept-2021 6:00pm UK TIME

October dates will be:

Wednesday 6-Oct-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 13-Oct-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 20-Oct-2021 6:00pm UK TIME
Wednesday 27-Oct-2021 6:00pm UK TIME

Please Note: Every live session is 90 minutes and recorded and the recordings are availble within 1 hour of the live sessions finishing and are forever in the Meditation Library. The recordings are frequency encoded and carry the same energy. Each session consists of a Meditation/ Activation followed by a Q & A and sharing.


See You On The Inside Beautiful Soul!

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